AFL: The state of the game and the truth of the matter.

“Football is not a game of rules, it is a collection of understandings.” Has the AFL confused guiding the game with ruling the game? Some impassioned observations from Dips O’Donnell.

A sustainable Almanac? $5 on the 5th of every month

Dips O’Donnell is the Almanac’s accountant. This letter explains his way of keeping the Almanac going.

His approach is in keeping with his unheralded genius. He’s inviting readers to make a regular contribution on one day each month. He suggests $5 on the 5th or $6 on the 6th or, in general terms, $x on the xth for all x <=28. (Memberships and one-off contributions are also welcome).

Et Tactus – Tommy’s sin against the Almighty

Dips O’Donnell’s take on contact with the untouchable umpires, the ballad of Tom Hawkins and other tongue-in-cheek Shakespearean tragedies.

The Brotherhood of Stawell

Dips goes to Stawell for the Gift, a gift that keeps on giving thanks to his father’s foundations and his family’s continuing tradition

Round 1 (2016) – Geelong v Hawthorn: Cats Out Of The Cradle

It’s another Easter tussle between the fiercest of rivals – before it all kicks off, here’s Dips O’Donnell’s take on 2016’s game. This time the new player on the block won’t be Paddy from Moggs Creek, it’ll be possibly the greatest midfielder ever in his second coming & with Sam Mitchell gone West, can the Cats’ trio sweep the votes?

At Easter-time Stawell Giveth and Stawell Taketh Away

We re-visit this classic Almanac yarn each Easter (for good reason):

Dips O’Donnell tells the story of his crack at Stawell and what the event and the weekend mean to the O’Donnell family.

Why your team won’t win the flag. Or, I can put you out of your misery now.

Sage Dips has a system to work out which teams are up against it – he’s excluded a few.

Looking into the blue

Kate O’Donnell is well known on these pages thanks to the wonderful story-telling of her Dad, Dips. Kate is a good swimmer but her parents have been disinclined to introduce her to water-skiing. Eventually she had a go. And this is what happened.

Unpredicting the future

Wine and the invention of the wheel, up as the new down, Richmond as premiers, and more. Not sure what Dips is on this festive season but he’s on something.

Almanac Footy Teams: A team of fleas, skeeters and pip-squeaks.

Dips has picked a team of little blokes – really little. Being knee-high to a grasshopper himself, he has little time for the lumbering logs. Add a nomination.

Second Hand Ablett

Dips O’Donnell likens his 1970s Christmas gift to the return of Gary Ablett Jr to the Cats. Not perfect, but still sublime.

AFL Trade Period: Free Madness or Regulated Tyranny?

Dips O’Donnell reckons that Pope Leo XIII was on the money when it came to AFL labour laws

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: The game threw up many questions. The Cats had no answers.

When Geelong were faced with choices they inevitably chose the wrong one. Dips O’Donnell has a few observations from the Richmond-Geelong clash and pots a few Cats along the way.

Footy Almanac Plebiscite

Geelong will be forced to play at the MCG instead of their home ground, Simonds Stadium, in this weekend’s second qualifying final. Dips asks does the team that finishes second deserve a home final, no matter the ground capacity.

Round 20 – Geelong v Sydney: Caecilius est iratus

Dips uses logic to help him understand the Geelong coaching panel. But can anyone tell us what that phrase means. It could be a rare Montmorency dialogue.

Round 15 – GWS v Geelong: Theseus and the Minotaur

A touch of mythology from Dips as he looks at GWS (‘the Minotaur of the modern AFL’) and Geelong (‘Theseus’). Can the Minotaur be beaten in September?

AFL: Surfing the bye

Dips took the opportunity to embrace the healing qualities of a road trip, music and the sea while his Geelong had the bye this round.

Almanac Surfing: Surfing and the middle-aged accountant

Following Dips O’Donnell’s excellent Queen’s Birthday weekend surfing piece, we thought we’d let you know where it all started. Here’s Dips’ first crack at the caper, a piece which was published in Long Bombs to Snake I.

AFL: How the Match Review Panel Works

Confused? Dips O’Donnell is here to clear up the workings of the Match Review Panel.

AFL: The engineer and the artist

Dips O’Donnell sees that AFL football now sadly focusses on risk reduction, rather than on individual and collective enterprise. We should celebrate human imagination, art and wisdom.