Almanac Racing: Here comes the Spring

Spring is in the air and the good horses are cranking up. Crio has a look at the weekend ahead.

Crio’s Q? Bart’s horses

Crio has a long association with the Cummings family – they went to mass together. How magnificently racing! He wants to know: which is your favourite Cummings horse? Noms please – more than one totally acceptable.

Almanac Racing – “there’s movement at the station…”

Wipe the sleep from your eyes – the Memsie meeting ramps up the quality and any race fans had better start to take notice. Crio & Co ensure we’ll all be “Rich Enuff” on Saturday night. Tips please.

Crio’s Q? – It takes all types

This week’s Q is asking what players might been overlooked by the “Committees”. Who never got a shot but might have been a gun (or at least fun)?…from more serious nominations like Gerard Healy to fascinators such as Jacko (or future proposals – Bob Murphy anyone?)

Almanac Racing – pay attention!

Don’t wait until the horse has bolted. If you are keen to play this Spring, you’d better start paying attention and making some decisions. Randwick leads the charge this Saturday, with The Valley in support.

Crio’s Q? – look…it’s important!

Footy games not enough to excite your interest? Let’s have more bells and whistles. We used to milk Mother’s Day in the Juniors, but the AFL reckon too much is barely enough.

Almanac Racing – Getting better!

It’s a teaser Saturday for those whose underperforming footy side is driving them to the racing section of the sports pages. While black type races are back on the card, don’t get too excited just yet advises Crio. Keeping your wagering powder dry and paying attention now, will pay dividends in the weeks ahead.

Crio’s Q? – What to expect from a Captain

A captain’s game. A captain’s knock. Rhetoric or reality? What is it and how does it alter across the sporting landscape?

Crio’s Racing: Channel 78 on Sunday the hopeful highlight

We’re back on the merry-go-round as early season black type is up for grabs at Flemington and Randwick – and Ballarat on Sunday may produce the pick of the weekend’s offerings.
Crio, as always, is looking for a nod or a wink (but not a blind horse).

Crio’s Question? – USA sports

Crio’s missed the boat on the explosion of interest in US Sports. He’s calling for converts to push their case for conversion.

Racing – turn the calendar

A quick loop of the nation’s racing options as Crio cautiously welcomes the 2015-16 New Year.

Crio’s Q? – beating Collingwood (Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood)

The Silver Anniversary of Stevie Kolyniuk’s famous goal against Collingwood and the Doggies’ win this weekend is the trigger for reminiscence on those happy “Pie-eating” memories. Indulge!

Crio’s Racing: Sitting on hands at Caulfield while waiting for Darwin

Crio visits Pakenham, comments on Caulfield, anticipates Richmond v Freo and waits for Darwin. He is the ideal punting analyst. [Ladbrokes Bletchingly special is available – Ed]

Crio’s Q? – flair or lair?

Hero or zero? Crio witnesses a “Panenka” and marvels at the psyche of players who roll the dice – is it self indulgent and irresponsible, or are these the athletes who rise above the doubts of consequence that limits others?

Almanac Racing – another place and another time

Crio’s content to concede that racing’s unplaced in the Group One sporting options this weekend. But if you’ve got a winner…

Crio’s Q? – the best 20 minutes this European summer

Crio, tennis skeptic (surely not!), saw the second set tie break…is that the best 20 minutes so far this European summer?

Almanac Racing – low key big day on massive weekend

“Finals Day” is a tribute to the VRC’s programming and a card worthy of scrutiny. Alas, that’s unlikely given the weather and sporting alternatives. But, a winner’s a winner and Crio’s ready to multi-task (if he can only get the remote!).

Crio’s Q? – selection solution

Crio reckons he’s got the answer for the unseemly squabbles within Tennis Australia.

Crio’s Racing: Nothing to report

Crio’s reduced to looking for quirky names or exotic places. The racing’s on simmer. Anyone willing to turn up the gas?

Crio’s Q? Part of the furniture

Crio lauds Ivor, Jack, Nugget and other characters who, without self-promotion, have made an indelible imprint on a sporting occasion. There must be others?