Crio’s Racing: From the Fallen Log

Crio takes the family pilgrimage with new generations of Riordans back to the Fallen Log (a famous jump at the top of the hilly Oakbank steeple track). Randwick is awash with money and rain, while Oakbank oozes Adam Lindsay Gordon character. Tips please so Crio can buy a new tent.

Generation Oakbank

Time marches on, but some things don’t change: when the sun retreats a boy will feel the cold, no matter how flushed his cheeks. [Nice stuff-Ed]

Crio’s Question: Why bother?

Is there honestly any need to stick by your poor-performing team? A controversial poser from Crio.

Crio’s racing: The jewels in the crown

The Derby and the Doncaster have long been jewels in the national racing crown. Rain threatens so wait until late to make your final calls but Crio’s got a few in his sights.

Crio’s Question : Hanging Yourself by the Tongue?

Crio considers Mick’s capacity for hubris, bravado and overstatement. Hoist by his own petard? What other examples can you recall of big statements coming back to haunt?

Crio’s Racing: The Golden Slipper (a day of dilemmas)

The Golden Slipper. It’s very Sydney: rich, brash and played for high stakes. Crio looks at an excellent Rosehill card.

Crio’s Q: Plucked unknowns who haven’t made it

Crio’s thoughts turned to the high pick, plucked from relative obscurity, who hasn’t made it. (Any sport – Ed)

Crio’s Racing : the (time honoured) Flat Knacker

Crio reckons the Rosehill meeting is top class, but look for the ones born in a rainstorm in a swamp. Albury Gold Cup day on Friday might be the go, with the (time honoured) Flat Knacker sprint.

Crio’s Q(uandary): Is the footy fish rotting – head down or tail up?

Crio the Elder asks the citizens of Rome “has the rot gone to far?” Is Caesar Minor spending too much of the wealth on distant provinces in Asia Minor? “Friends, footy fans, countrymen lend Crio your wise counsel.”

Crio’s Racing: Any Longport in a Storm

Crio’s eagle eye has spotted some value at Rosehill. Take your Money Valley winnings from Friday night all up Crio’s each way tip of the year. Retire to bar for celebration or commiseration.

Crio’s Q: what does Green mean?

Crio observes the recent prominence of the Green and asks, for the rest of the year, is Green best avoided? And how?

Crio’s Racing: when a Melbourne heart (via Adelaide) turns to Sydney

Crio looks to Randwick where they have raised weights by 0.5kg in the Roy Higgins Tribute and the Stakes looks like a really deep contest. Tips welcome.

“Roy the Boy” forever in our memories

Crio offers an affectionate tribute to Roy Higgins, one of the great jockeys and a true gentleman of the turf.

Crio’s Q?

Crio sets the Almanacker community another challenge. Who will be a soothsayer? [Great question, Crio. Interested in the response - Ed]

Crio’s Racing: Super Saturday

Crio is salivating at the prospect of racing all over the country: Flemington, Warwick Farm and then, on Monday, the Adelaide Cup.

Crio’s Q: checking the screen

Two part question this week. Crio is looking for examples of sportspeople checking themselves out on the big screen. And of moments when screenshots would have been instructive (think ’79 Grand Final).

Crio’s racing: the Kingswood Country Connection

Crio’s promoting frugality this weekend, but fear not, he’s still full of suggestions for the Guineas.

Crio’s Racing Review : The Diamond is on the Soles of HER Shoes

Crio reviews the top racing from the weekend and looks to the carnival races ahead. (Hope you copped the cryptic tip in my preview title – Ed.)

Crio’s Question : The good old bad old days?

Crio is trying hard to shake his ‘grumpy old man’ perspective. Can we all convince ourselves that modern sport is a glass ‘half full’ and not ‘half empty’?

Crio’s Racing : Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes?

Its the (time-honoured) Blue Diamond Stakes at Caulfield on Saturday (Manikato, Zeditave, Redoubte’s Choice, Bel Esprit add lustre to the honour roll). Crio and his Crazy Diamonds shine on with more winners this weekend.