Crio’s Question: Not too hot; not too cold; just perfect?

Everyone (except Brenton Sanderson) know there is no point complaining about the weather. Crio wonders what the perfect weather conditions are for different sports?

Crio’s Racing: Bubbles Bursting or Popping?

Crio suggests caution with the early spring booms. Is that the sound of bubbles bursting or bubbles popping? Oges, Cowshedend and the rest of the tipping team have been in red hot form. Opinions welcomed. Good oil treasured.

Crio’s Q? Art and sport?

What was your home gallery growing up?

Could you easily list fav sculptures, photos, paintings and books that are sports related? (What are they?)

And what is on the walls of your dream shed?

Crio’s Racing: Northern Salvation

Crio ranges over racing venues all across Northern Australia where punters are finding a winner (mixed in with some losers) while Southern punters and racetracks are mired in heavy going. St Oges of the Goolwa Barrage offers salvation from his Coffs Harbour retreat.

Crio’s Question: Who justifies the good (or bad) rap?

Crio wonders about reputations and prejudices. Which are justified and which are just a case of “give a dog a bad name”?

Crio’s Racing: All Points North

Crio needs a new attitude in the new racing season. He heads to the Valley this week determined to get a holiday bank, from there or at other points around the country.

Crio’s Question: Jobs that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be?

You’ll find them in the Classifieds. “Get paid to go to sports events.” How could you possibly go wrong?
Crio reminds us that “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”.
Nominations please.

Crio’s Racing: One Season Closes and the New One Awaits

It’s the final day of the racing season and Crio journeys to Caulfield for the Bletchingly Stakes and then adjourns to the MCG Blockbuster. Sunday second helpings for the Grand National Steeple?

Crio’s Question: What brainstorms have been short-lived?

Crio notes that last week the AFL gave a quiet burial to the ‘numbers on jumpers’ idea. What other brainwaves have been quietly shelved by sporting administrators?

Crio’s Racing: The Winter of our Discontent

Crio laments the lack of spectators, punters and atmosphere on racetracks today. Still there are winners on Sky for the multitude in pubs, clubs, TABs and in their lounge rooms with the on-line corporate bookies.

Crio’s Question: Unheralded sports?

At a time when we are lost for choice with top line sport around the globe, Crio asks about the low profile participation sports that are flowering unheralded. Bicycle polo? Ultimate Frisbee? What are you seeing or playing?

Crio’s Racing: Mid Winter opportunities for winners

Crio hopes for a fair track at HQ on Saturday with the big Winter Series finals providing an attractive card. Sunday its the big jumps racing at Sandown.

Crio’s Question: Incongruous endorsements?

Crio has heard the ad for the Diamond Guys, and their endorsement from the AFLPA, and it has reminded him of some unlikely associations including Popes, politicians and sports stars.

Crio’s Racing- Monash Stakes

Crio previews Saturday’s Monash Stakes at Caulfield.

Crio’s Question: Who else gets both barrels?

Which players do you notice always being referred to by both their given name and surname? Crio offers a couple. What about you?

Crio’s Racing

Things are far from rosy at the grass-roots level. Crio is concerned about various aspects of racing…but still the band plays on…..

Crio’s Question: If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?

Cricket Australia, Murali, spin-coach, laws of cricket…? Your thoughts…?

Crio’s Racing: Under the pump and looking for some mail

Crio is as busy as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition at the moment, so is looking for a a push.

Crio’s Question: Has life gotten in the way of a big sporting event?

The magnificent World Cup is clashing with magnificent Year 12 obligations in the Crio household. Timing; the importance of timing. How do you prioritise in these situations? Are you successful? Or are you not?

Crio’s Racing

It’s the racing season’s nadir, but the eternally hopeful Crio is still open to winning suggestions.