Crio’s Racing: The family needs to sort out its differences

Crio is not happy with the internal squabbling of a racing fraternity which cannot afford to be divided.

crio’s Q?

Sometimes the old sports sayings just get it right. Australian PGA 2014. “You drive for show. You putt for dough”. This week’s challenge – match the saying with the moment.

Crio’s Racing : Flemington and International Week at the Hong Kong Jockey Club

Even an old-fashioned urger like myself struggles to make a case for a serious assault on the punt this Saturday – though, naturally, I’m prepared to be talked around. It’s one of those rare times when racing authorities (probably accidentally) get the public vibe…there’s no interest and the fields justify that outlook (a $40k race [Read more]

Crio’s Question: Memorable Indian performances?

Another Australia v India series is upon us. Crio prods your memory bank with tales of 2003/04, Adelaide, Dravid and Agarkar. Which Indian performances stand out for you?

Crio’s racing: Ascot or the bush

It is definitely a case of quantity over quality at Sandown this week, so Crio casts his eye across the Nullibor to Ascot. And of course, there is always Avoca, Balnarring or Stony Creek…

Crio’s Q? The Five

The Declared Five: After Jordan Speith cleaned up in style in the 2014 Australian Golf Open, Crio ponders aloud who’ll be the top five golfers for the Australian leg of the OneAsia tour, while challenging you to declare your all-time five best golfers.

Crio’s Racing: Miracles do Happen

It is the run-up to Christmas, but Crio is stil talking racing. This week he will be at Woolamai for the “picnics”. And there is also harness racing on, too, if you are so inclined.

Crio’s Question: Which other team best fits your AFL team?

Crio wonders which teams from other sports best align with those of our AFL? While it’s off season for the AFL, there’s plenty of supporting to do.

Crio’s Racing: Looking for gold

Crio with his look at a diverse weekend of racing around the country.

Crio’s Question: Slow burners?

Crio’s Question moves from the overrated last week to the serially underrated who have proven their worth with time and persistence. Nominations please.

Crio’s Racing: Zipping down the Highway

Crio is off to picturesque Dunkeld this weekend for their cup meeting in the shadow of the Grampians. But he has cast an eye over the Sandown fields for the traditional Zipping Classic benefit for the ‘not quite carnival’ types. Tips please.

Crio’s Question: More sizzle than sausage?

Remember those sportspeople whose strut, clothing, hairstyle or attitude set them apart? But whose performances on the field were not so… exceptional? Crio wonders whether Glenn Maxwell is merely the latest in a long line.

Crio’s Racing: George Adams Mile Day

Young Brio took the reins and tipped us into a winner on Cup day. Crio returns to try to outdo his young rival and deliver the good oil on the Stakes.

Crio’s Question: What racing memories can you share?

The Cup carnival brings anticipation. And reflection. What are your great memories of racing and the Cup?

Crio’s Racing: Derby or Darby Day?

Crio’s thoughts on Derby Day, and the thoughts of the other Almanac desperates dotted around this great land. Give us your tips. And a running commentary of your day on the punt.

Crio’s Question: Racing Aphorisms – True or False?

Crio considers the endless pithy advice that pervades racing circles. “Never bet odds on and never run up stairs” as Ken Howard implored. True or false? Give us your racecourse wisdom for carnival week.

Crio’s Racing: the double album

Crio points out the pitfalls of the double album. Then he discusses the Friday-Saturday double meeting at The Valley. Lots of races: but how many of them are any good? The Manikato and the Cox Plate certainly are.

Crio’s Question?…time to “bare your molars to the breeze” as this Spring “flattens out for the run to the judge”

Racing has it’s own vernacular for the true aficionado of the turf. Join us in helping the novice to understand the true meaning of “hanging like granny’s tooth”; “gone for a bath” and “on the nod”. Suggestions please.

Crio’s Racing: Caulfield’s Cup runneth over

Racing finishes the week on a high after the tragedies of earlier in the week. Some of the best middle distance horses from around Australia and around the world are assembled for the $3M purse. Crio and the crew (come back Muz – Ed.) are assembled to pick the wheat from the chaff.

R.I.P. Carly-Mae Pye

In the wake of a tragic racing incident in Rockhampton in which a young jockey lost her life, Chris Riordan reflects on the inherent dangers which face hoops every time they climb aboard their mount.