Racing – turn the calendar

A quick loop of the nation’s racing options as Crio cautiously welcomes the 2015-16 New Year.

Crio’s Q? – beating Collingwood (Round 17 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood)

The Silver Anniversary of Stevie Kolyniuk’s famous goal against Collingwood and the Doggies’ win this weekend is the trigger for reminiscence on those happy “Pie-eating” memories. Indulge!

Crio’s Racing: Sitting on hands at Caulfield while waiting for Darwin

Crio visits Pakenham, comments on Caulfield, anticipates Richmond v Freo and waits for Darwin. He is the ideal punting analyst. [Ladbrokes Bletchingly special is available – Ed]

Crio’s Q? – flair or lair?

Hero or zero? Crio witnesses a “Panenka” and marvels at the psyche of players who roll the dice – is it self indulgent and irresponsible, or are these the athletes who rise above the doubts of consequence that limits others?

Almanac Racing – another place and another time

Crio’s content to concede that racing’s unplaced in the Group One sporting options this weekend. But if you’ve got a winner…

Crio’s Q? – the best 20 minutes this European summer

Crio, tennis skeptic (surely not!), saw the second set tie break…is that the best 20 minutes so far this European summer?

Almanac Racing – low key big day on massive weekend

“Finals Day” is a tribute to the VRC’s programming and a card worthy of scrutiny. Alas, that’s unlikely given the weather and sporting alternatives. But, a winner’s a winner and Crio’s ready to multi-task (if he can only get the remote!).

Crio’s Q? – selection solution

Crio reckons he’s got the answer for the unseemly squabbles within Tennis Australia.

Crio’s Racing: Nothing to report

Crio’s reduced to looking for quirky names or exotic places. The racing’s on simmer. Anyone willing to turn up the gas?

Crio’s Q? Part of the furniture

Crio lauds Ivor, Jack, Nugget and other characters who, without self-promotion, have made an indelible imprint on a sporting occasion. There must be others?

Almanac Racing – Here, There and Everywhere

Crio’s lost in time and space. A dog’s breakfast – did someone say live baiting? Soothe his tortured soul. Winners please (or a ticket out of town)!

Crio’s Q? “Foreman material?”

Fans used to be happy enough with a good player. Nowadays, it seems, leaders are identified after a handful of games. Reckon I’d rather a 200 game CHF, says Crio.

Almanac Racing – Crio’s confession…no idea and no ideas

Crio’s finally ‘fessed up – he has no idea and no ideas. Help!

Crio’s Racing: Royal Ascot 2015

The wonderful Ascot meeting begins tonight (Australian time).
Here’s a really good preview taken from the site.

Crio’s Q? – you have to pay to watch the play

Crio’s heard the complaints of no AFL TV coverage last weekend. He’s unfazed. You want. You use. You pay.

Crio’s racing: Not “relatable”

Crio’s got the sooks. He’s disconnected. Help please!

Crio’s Q? – gracious losers

Crio on the topic of gracious losers

Almanac Racing – focus on the fields

Qld racing might be in a mess but their races, at least on this banner Straddy Day, are worthy.
There or elsewhere, crio’s crew need to find winners. Tips please!

Crio’s Q? – I was rrrrr..

Come on Knackers. Not all of our predictions have come to fruition.
Crio’s crystal ball faded from S.Smith and focused on M.Boyd! ‘fess up.

Crio’s Racing: Much of muchness

You couldn’t possibly get excited by the Melbourne metro option – a dog’s breakfast with cats on the menu. But Crio concedes some interest in Doomben and a yearning for the Swedish trots. The man needs a break. Tips please!