Crio’s Racing: Wet Weekend

The unusually wet summer on the eastern seaboard has put a dampener on early autumn carnival preparations, but Crio reckons there are some good ones Slipper prospects going around at Rosehill. Tips welcomed from Kyneton to Kembla Grange.

crio’s Q?

Doha reset the bar. Fixturing can be a contentious topic. Yesterday (26/1) the SCG was awash whilst blue skies smiled down upon an empty Adelaide Oval. Tonight Newcastle hosts the Socceroos, with vacant mounds assured at each end of the field. Tomorrow night the BBL final, guaranteed to fill any home ground, is set for [Read more]

Crio’s Racing: Long Weekends and Longer Memories

Crio surveys the long weekend offerings from Moonee Valley, Sandown, Yea, Great Western, Yarra Valley, Hanging Rock and Balnarring. Buy yourself a celebratory or consoling dozen from the top wineries on the way to the track. Tips please.

Crio’s Q? – Sport and Politics

The 2015 Asian Cup has caused Crio to delve into that morally ambiguous place where sport and politics often collide

Crio’s Racing: Autumn Whispers

Crio reckons the good autumn horses are starting to creep back and liven up the racing scene. Tips and winners welcomed.

Crio’s Question: Is T20 good for the game?

Crio has spotted a truism developing and throws us this one to consider. Is T20 really good for the game?


Track Managers and punters across most of the country are unable to confidently prepare for racing at many venues due to what is nowadays referenced as “a rain event” threatening many of the venues, some of which are parched and “roads” now (Wednesday) but no good things to be raceable by Saturday! The form, it [Read more]

Crio’s Q? Loved and Unloved?

Some possum stirring from Crio as he asks for the Appreciated XI v Despised XI.

Crio’s Racing

It is, as Bruce would have it, a delicious irony that we have the most meetings of the year at the time our readership is at its lowest….though that could be interpreted in various ways, I deduce that the holiday season is the common cause. New Year’s Day races are a long standing tradition, and [Read more]

Crio’s Question?

“Wonderful memories of happy times often accompany loss” – Crio asks for readers’ thoughts on both from the previous twelve months.

Crio’s Racing: Something for Santa?

Crio finds little inspiration in the Boxing Day race fields (or the madhouse shopping centres). But there are plenty of picturesque country meetings over the next week for a speculative flutter and conviviality.

Crio’s Q? Sporting Verbs

Crio ponders the place of the verb in sports-talk. What’s some of your favourite sporting verbs?

Crio’s Racing: The family needs to sort out its differences

Crio is not happy with the internal squabbling of a racing fraternity which cannot afford to be divided.

crio’s Q?

Sometimes the old sports sayings just get it right. Australian PGA 2014. “You drive for show. You putt for dough”. This week’s challenge – match the saying with the moment.

Crio’s Racing : Flemington and International Week at the Hong Kong Jockey Club

Even an old-fashioned urger like myself struggles to make a case for a serious assault on the punt this Saturday – though, naturally, I’m prepared to be talked around. It’s one of those rare times when racing authorities (probably accidentally) get the public vibe…there’s no interest and the fields justify that outlook (a $40k race [Read more]

Crio’s Question: Memorable Indian performances?

Another Australia v India series is upon us. Crio prods your memory bank with tales of 2003/04, Adelaide, Dravid and Agarkar. Which Indian performances stand out for you?

Crio’s racing: Ascot or the bush

It is definitely a case of quantity over quality at Sandown this week, so Crio casts his eye across the Nullibor to Ascot. And of course, there is always Avoca, Balnarring or Stony Creek…

Crio’s Q? The Five

The Declared Five: After Jordan Speith cleaned up in style in the 2014 Australian Golf Open, Crio ponders aloud who’ll be the top five golfers for the Australian leg of the OneAsia tour, while challenging you to declare your all-time five best golfers.

Crio’s Racing: Miracles do Happen

It is the run-up to Christmas, but Crio is stil talking racing. This week he will be at Woolamai for the “picnics”. And there is also harness racing on, too, if you are so inclined.

Crio’s Question: Which other team best fits your AFL team?

Crio wonders which teams from other sports best align with those of our AFL? While it’s off season for the AFL, there’s plenty of supporting to do.