Almanac Racing: Valley highlights

Crio’s heading down to the shop for the Winning Post. Hopefully it can ignite some excitement in him for what, at first glance, appears a weekend with plenty of sizzle but not enough sausages.

Almanac Racing – Cup Day at Caulfield

It’s one of the iconic days on the sporting calendar – Caulfield Cup Day.
Perfect weather, great fields…all we need are some winners. Tips please.

Almanac Horseracing – Monkeys off (and on) the back

Focus punters. All of a sudden it’s Guineas Day when you’ll get the best of the horses without the worst of humanity.
Bet up (responsibly of course!)

Almanac Racing: Man up and multi-task (or at least watch the replays!)

Crio with his racing tips for a weekend dominated by the AFL & NRL Grand Finals

Crio’s Question? – Banner Banter

The Bulldogs have had a succession of wry and witty banners this season. What do they choose for next Saturday? Here’s my opening bid: “Up Yours Oakley!” Suggestions?

Almanac Racing – Punters, keep your eye on, and off, the (foot)ball!

The footy feeding frenzy is not necessarily an excuse for overlooking the racing menu this weekend. I’ll forgive you Friday night – Moonee Valley needs good weather and strong fields to be an “action attraction” and it would take more than’s on offer to trump the MCG’s allure. But the unfamiliar timing of the other [Read more]

Almanac Racing – It’s time

Crio reckons it’s time for Racing fans to “get invested” – emotionally and possibly financially. The Spring will be here and gone in a blink. No time for distractions (OK, maybe if the Doggies push on!) because the fields are good and the blackbook needs to be at hand. Tips please!

Almanac Racing – Spring…finally!

Craiglee Day means we’re underway. It’s transition time as teams drop out of the footy race and your focus shifts a few pages within the sports section. The good ‘uns are officially on show. Take notice and get involved.

Almanac Racing – Dato Day

Ah. It’s a funny game. Those entrusted with growing Racing seem to conspire against it. True believers are undaunted. crio, winless since Gauch was claiming, somehow believes he can turn it all around on Dato Day. He probably needs some help!

Almanac Racing – Memsie Stakes Day

Last week’s anticipation was misplaced. The Valley was dreary. Some of the racing was good but it was a long way from spring. Thus I’m wary to hype Saturday’s first Group One in Melbourne this season, knowing that there are many better days ahead. Yet it’s only 5 weeks until the Epsom and the Guineas [Read more]

Almanac Racing

One feature race in each of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide is enough to warm the cockles of those of us who’ve ploughed through the bleak winter. Sure, the fields generally lack depth, but I’m looking forward to a Friday formguide moreso than in recent months. The biggest billing must go to Winx’s return in the [Read more]

Almanac Racing

crio’s not discouraged by last week’s blunder because a look at this week’s offerings at Caulfield puts a spring in the step. Quite rightly, since P.D.Lawrence appropriated the name for the J.J.Liston, the race has lost some lustre – but this year’s edition (MR7, 1400, WFA, G2) is fascinating. He reckons the safe bet is Suavito (12) which simply ticks all the boxes. Tips please.

Almanac Racing

Crio with his tips, while also suggesting racing needs a break, a start and an end to it’s season. Add your thoughts.

Almanac Racing: Happy New Year

In preparation for all the horses’ birthdays on Monday, Crio surveys this weekend’s fields.

Almanac Racing: Debacle

Crio ponders the conspiracy theory about the abandonment of the Sandown races on Wednesday while looking for inspiration this weekend

Almanac Racing: a heavy calendar

Plenty on the box this weekend before Crio even starts thinking seriously about Caulfield

Almanac Racing: Finals Day

It’s Finals Day at Flemington. Who’ll handle the mud?

Almanac Racing

At this time of the year it is slim pickings indeed on the racing calendar. So Crio must look further afield, to the “time-honoured” Marble Bar Cup (“the hottest race in Australia’s hottest town”)

Almanac Racing – “prefer others”

Long-retired players up at “Alex” still chuckle about the legendary ¾ time bake their coach blurted – “I’ve got only one thing to say to youse blokes and that’s nuthin’!” Trying to get excited at the metrop offerings for this weekend could be read from that thespian’s prayer book. At “HQ”(!) it is weather bleak, [Read more]

Almanac Racing

Help Crio find a winner. [Enjoy Royal Ascot Crio – Ed]