Almanac Racing

RVL have declared another week of 30min race gaps and certain sectors are outraged. Stuff them, I say. RNSW hinted about vague OH+S for jockeys etc – what crap…Royal Ascot, the 4-day pinnacle of our sport, has R1 @2.30 and the last at 5.35 each day! My only suggestion to the current format (other than cutting [Read more]

Crio’s Q? – Calling from the Heart

Crio asks when should our sporting commentators put objectivity and information sharing aside to become partisan barrackers for their favourites?

Almanac Racing – Manfred Man

The quality’s improving, the options are wonderful and, for Crio, the weekend

Almanac Racing – take heed

Real racing fans will have noted the hectic start to the week and the usual packed calendar awaiting. They know that, for all the negativity peddled, there are exciting times ahead and more wonderful memories to be banked for dotage reminiscences.

Almanac Racing

Crio reviews the status of this weekend’s racing

How to fix a tennis match

Crio sends us this timely link to a previous story on Tennis corruption

Almanac Racing – Chester Manifold Saturday

Always plenty on offer in the racing game (and none of that tawdry AFL scandal!). Enjoy some horse racing before getting back on the work merry-go-round.

Crio’s Q? – should neutral also mean no personality?

Crio poses the question, should officials display their personality on field?

Almanac Racing – Magic Millions weekend

“Fool’s Gold”? Magic Millions weekend. Any tips?

Crio’s Q? – habits of 2016

“I’d like to be more active and get to watch my team(s) more regularly”.
Very noble.
Crio reckons reality and circumstances ensure he’ll do less, get to less and watch more on TV. Others concur?

Almanac Racing – good luck for 2016

There are meetings everywhere this weekend. Good luck if you get to one of them.

Crio’s Q?…imprinted memories of 2015

Try getting older. We all tick over to another year this week. As we do so another bank of memories is tagged as 2015. Most get blurry as the years advance, but some are franked. 2015 noms pls.

Almanac Racing – you believe in Santa? must believe we can stab a winner!

Zillions of meetings but lots of distractions means that punters tend to attack myriad Boxing Day options with furry tongues and unprepared for the opportunities to bounce back from the Xmas spree – how can the punt be a waste of money after crackers and crap presents? Have a crack!

Crio’s Q? – the pain of a false dawn

Sometimes a fast start can cause fans to readjust their expectations. Sometimes that’s not a wise thing to do. ask Real’s opponents last weekend!

Almanac Racing – no ho ho as racing hits a low

Crio promises that next week everything (OK,maybe some things) will be much better but, for now, it is hard to be positive casting an eye over racing’s landscape and the prospects for Saturday.

Crio’s Q? – when the untouchable gets brushed

“The Special One” is in uncharted waters as Chelsea sink towards the relegation zone. Who’d’ve thought? Some seem to be forever blessed, but sport teaches us to savour the good times and retain humility for what might lie ahead. Who else has seemed “on top of the world” only to face the cliff’s edge?

Crio’s Q? – mentor

It’s Awards Season and Crio adds another to the list – the award for the best mentor. He’s nominating Col Swatton. Others?

Almanac Racing – here, there and everywhere

Plenty to keep racing fans absorbed this weekend, despite the humdrum local offerings. Crio looks further afield and gets excited by Sunday’s feast.

Almanac Racing – look away now!

For once, crio suggests, racing authorities in Victoria are hoping the media will look elsewhere. That’s not likely as the drama unfolds. A G1 in Perth isn’t going to be enough distraction this week. Victorian Racing’s jumped off the bridge and we can only hope like hell that the bungee cord is secured. Meanwhile, of course, there are winners to find to fund the festive excesses.

Crio’s Q? – Nugget on the Boots?

When the once commonplace makes you sit up on the sofa you know that times have changed. Couch potato Crio recalled Johnny Miller’s golden locks and the starched creams of the cricketers when some “back to the future” youngsters popped up on the TV.