Almanac Racing – head for the hills

It takes quite some adjusting from the glut of Group glory, so getting out of town is a good strategy. Wth no atmosphere and few drawcards in the metro offerings, the point of difference of country/picnic meets is attractive. But wherever you go, backing winners makes it more fun. Tips please!

Crio’s Q? – does 2 hrs later equal twice the entertainment?

As Test Cricket sets up for the groundbreaking Test, “retro” Crio misses the wave, wondering if they’ve got the wrong product for the night time package.

Almanac Racing – Weiry and Michelle’s celebratory tour heads to the Forest.

Their banner meeting has come just at the right time – Ballarat gets to pay homage to Cup champs Weiry and Michelle and punters will be loading up on them all day. It’s the local highlight on a weekend of many options, including Group One glory in Perth. Tips please!

Crio’s Q? – When Play Never Stops!

Don’t you love it when the marketing tags manage to unintentionally highlight a flaw in the product? Cricket’s a soft target.

Almanac Racing – we’re still here…

Sandown or Dunkeld or Yea…that’s just the choices here from Melbourne.
Racing rolls on and the options are terrific. Tips please!

Crio’s Q? – fair go!

“The track was terrible.” “The pitch was diabolical.” It’s OK to have your views – as many have in recent weeks – but what should curators present for athletes? It’s an old chestnut.

Almanac Racing – Stakes Day Get Out

Crio lets us in on his golden rule for Stakes Day – eliminate the ones that can’t win and the rest is easy.

Crio’s Question?….first memories

What else could it be this week but The Cup? Remember your first?

Almanac Racing – the Derby on the Marby

They’ll bore you with the “a day for the purists” drivel, but Derby Day’s a beauty if you can just focus on the races. And, of course, winning (responsibly) on the punt. Tips please!

Crio’s Q? – pin the tail on the donkey

Whether it is seen as a challenge or a chore, most of us face the prospect of having a tip (or several) on the horses in the next week. Methodologies and many and varied – even sometimes successful. How do you go about the task of finding a Spring winner?

Almanac Racing: Charging past the school (of hard knocks)

Even by his own miserable standards, Crio’s in a rut. Bad timing with the big racedays upon us! To make matters worse, the Cox Plate’s not been kind – Naturalism, Filante…
But the good news is he’s seen the error of his ways and is seeking help. From Almanackers. Tips please!

Crio’sQ?- from The Filipino Fireball to The Fireman… racing monikers

Sport and nicknames go together like, say, The Professor and The Cups King.
The Carnival has the backpages now and Crio’sQ? asks for some memorable racing bynames.

Almanac Racing – rolling the dice

It’s not negotiable. This is the Caulfield Cup. You have to have an opinion. In recent years the winners have sometimes been unseen, maybe even unknown – factor it all in to the giant permutation that could equal not just financial reward but the status of having backed a leg of the famed double. Tips please.

Crio’s Q? – nearly newsworthy; comfortably cringeworthy

After the reporting of Jarryd Hayne’s ‘almost-touchdown’ Crio asks: what’s an appropriate level of coverage that informs without the cringe?

Almanac Racing – Caulfield’s best day

Are you ready to commit? This is always a ripper meeting. If you want to ride the Spring Carnival, watching/punting on Caulfield Guineas Day is essential. We’re looking for information, speculation…anything to fit the occasion! All contributions welcome.

Crio’s Q?- great sporting finishes this year (and beyond)

The NRLGF or the USPGA?…great sporting finishes this year (and beyond). These two stand out as events I watched seemingly dispassionately until finding myself leaping off the couch, screaming at the TV. Any other noms?

Almanac Racing – Moir/Epsom/Turnbull weekend treble

On Saturday it is exactly a month until the First Tuesday in November. Despite the footy distractions, it is now or never for aspirational punters.

Crio’s Q? – Friday’s holiday

What’s the consensus about Melbourne’s Public Holiday this Friday? Some friends with shops are not opening due to penalty rates. Many lunches are shifting to Thursday night dinners. I suspect it will be a big night on Thursday in the pubs and clubs and that the good weather might rescue Friday’s parade and paraphernalia. But [Read more]

Almanac Racing – duck the dunny door

  We’re having some false dawns this Spring – the weather and the races both promise to heat up but don’t yet consistently deliver. Nowadays Prelim Finals weekend means Underwood Stakes Day at Caulfield and, with few footy distractions and (touch wood) a fine forecast, plenty of people could be expected to flock to the [Read more]

Crio’s Q? – when it gets personal

Maybe ego is a dirty word! Mourinho and Wenger have been at it again. Can anything match the off-field enmity of these foes?