AFL Preseason – Geelong v Essendon: JLT Community Series hits Colac

Bombers fly high in historic match at the Colac Central Reserve on Sunday.

Almanac Swimming: Lorne Pier to Pub 2018

Col reports completing the annual Lorne Pier to Pub ocean swim.

What a ball!

Late Saturday afternoon, Mitchell Starc bowled a brilliant, brutal, and game changing ball.

Memories Almanac

Col has suggested the idea that an almanac of memories, of growing up and rites of passage of almanackers to be considered for publication. What do you think?

A family full of Merrett

An inspiring read about Zach and Jackson Merrett’s family especially their mother’s battle with MS.

Round 1 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Boy, am I proud to be an Essendon supporter!

Col had a great day cheering his Bombers on to a fantastic win at the MCG in their “Comeback Story”.

The Footy Almanac: AFL 2017 Season Launch and Lunch

Season 2017 for The Footy Almanac was launched today with lunch at The North Fitzroy Arms.

The Ripview Swim Classic in Point Lonsdale is over for another year

Anyone for ocean swimming? Col takes us through some of the trials and tribulations of the sport.

Almanac Cricket (Book Review) – Benaud, an appreciation: A marvellous book, that.

Col Ritchie reviews Brian Matthews appreciation of Richie Benaud and gives it the thumbs up.

Victor Trumper and Gideon Haigh

Col had a great night with fellow Almanackers at the dinner with Gideon Haigh speaking about his book, “Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the shot that changed cricket.”

Almanac Cricket: First game

Col’s first innings as a junior cricketer was not quite as he hoped. This is a lovely rendition of the common experience of so many Australian kids. Boys back then, boys and girls now,

Round 21-Essendon v Gold Coast Suns : Relief for Bomber fans.

Call it karma, or call it whatever you like, but the good vibes were coming Col’s way when he heard the news regarding Zach and Jake for Sunday’s game against the Gold Coast Suns.

Marngrook, Tom Wills and the Continuing Denial of Indigenous History

Colin Ritchie shares a link to an article that provides an in-depth analysis and historical overview of all aspects of the origins of Australian football. Very much worth a read.

Richie Benaud

Richie Benaud was Colin Ritchie’s hero as a boy, then something earth-shattering occurred.

[This piece was first published in 2012 – it is timely we reprise it. Vale Richie. – Ed]

Who wants number 3?

The number 3 guernsey is up for grabs again at Essendon. But who would want it? Colin Ritchie reckons the number has been a curse to many who have worn it.

AFL Round 11 – Essendon v Carlton: On your feet, because here comes Jake Carlisle and the Bombers

Colin Ritchie hasn’t experienced such an emotional response to a Bombers match for quite a while.

Fishing for a non-fisherman

WARNING: This story filled with beautiful images of sunsets, good red and fishing off the coast of WA will likely exacerbate any Monday morning back-to-work gloom you are feeling.

Bombers, Weapons and Tanks

Did the expectation of supporters for the “dream team” of Hird and Thompson to fulfill their wish for an immediate premiership put undue pressure on them to achieve this goal?

Rock2Ramp Ocean Swim, Anglesea

“What the hell am I doing here?” Colin Ritchie asks himself, swallowing another mouthful of water as his screaming lungs gasp for air. Welcome to the Rock2Ramp.

My blue tranny and “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Those days of soda and pretzels and beer!”

Colin Ritchie often wondesr what came first; was it his love of cricket in general or was it his love of cricket defined by the magic of radio? Join him on a trip down memory lane.