Almanac Olympics – Middle Australia Calls Time on the Olympics

Middle Australia with some sensible proposals to ‘streamline’ the Olympics

Round 9 – Fremantle v Richmond: Pre-match in Latin

Thank the Lord for pathos, logos, Richmond and Freo says Middle Australia – and he should know.

Middle Australia Supports Adam Scott

Middle Australia has spoken, Golf does not belong in the Olympics and Adam Scott’s patriotism is not defined by his no show.

Almanac Cricket: Middle Australia and the Science of Swing

Blundstone wearer – our resident biomechanist and general sports scientist and claimer of the ground of Middle Australia – demystifies the pink cricket ball with a bit of straight science. [Very clear, Middle – JTH]

AFL Round 16 – Richmond v Brisbane: Memories of Templestowe and other things football

The game of footy between the Tigers and Lions may have been mediocre, but Middle Australia brings us some memories and thoughts which are not.

Middle Australia Comments on Cricket and the Winter Olympics

Middle Australia questions the cricket and casts a stern eye over subjective sports. Who needs style?

Australian Open: Oh Bernie

MIddle Australia speaks on behalf of Middle Australia regarding the disappointing end to Bernie’s Open.

Middle Australia selects the Ashes Test Team

Can anyone come up with the likely team for the First test? Given that Watson and Rogers are likely to open, here is my prediction and perhaps why – The Editor.

Middle Australia offers it advice hotline

Middle Australia offers advice for all Australians (but particularly Collingwood supporters).

Middle Australia comments

Come on, we’re all thinking it, Middle Australia has the guts to say it: Franklin doing a Le Bron; the silence at Subiaco; men playing netball; Mick Malthouse. You know it makes sense.

The Middle Australia Report: Melbourne and Tanking

Middle Australia outs himself and then defends the enemy. Strange days indeed.

Middle Australia: Which way is up for Essendon?

Who’d have thought such rigorous, reasoned thinking would come from Middle Australia (and that The Editor of The Middle Australia Report is a Bombers fan is a nice complication).

Middle Australia tells us not to worry: it’s Essendon.

Middle Australia says the penalties for all this stuff will be harsh but that we shouldn’t be concerned: it’s only Essendon.

Likes attract

The thing I like about sport is the non-sporting vagaries it throws up. There has been an example this week in the pairing of Bernard Tomic and James Magnussen from disparate codes.

The Middle Australia Report: Edition 1, 2013

If Hussey had made his intentions clear to Ponting a month back, would Punter have jumped before he was pushed? The Middle Australia Report can smell a comeback in the air.

Middle Australia Selects the Australian Cricket Team

Some clear-cricket-thinking from Middle Australia.

The Middle Australia Report: Meckiff wasn’t a chucker

The Middle Australia Report believes the much maligned left armer from Mentone, Ian Meckiff, may not have been a chucker after all.

Middle Australia Report: Tomic the Tank Engine II

Enough is enough. Bernard Tomic should no longer be allowed to play for Australia in Davis Cup or even be supported by Tennis Australia after his appalling display in last weekend’s Davis Cup tie against Germany. We commented on what a dud he was at the US Open when he didn’t try in his match [Read more]

Middle Australia Rule(s) Committee

North Melbourne small-forward Brent Harvey has been offered a four-match ban for two separate incidents: a three-match ban for striking West Coast’s Daniel Kerr and a one-match ban for striking Kerr’s teammate Adam Selwood in the Kangaroos’ season-ending loss in Perth yesterday. Middle Australia Rule(s) committee. Rule 1. Smacking an annoying opponent There are players, [Read more]

Tomic the Tank Engine

Tomic There are modest champions like Sam Stosur and Pat Rafter, and then there is Bernard Tomic who has done nothing and is a prat. In his second round US Open match Tomic lost to the soon to retire Andy Roddick in straight sets losing the third set 6-0. During the last set John McEnroe [Read more]