Almanac Baseball: ABL Ain’t No BBL

What has slowly dawned on The Ruminator over time is that trying to compare our respective affinities for cricket and baseball is not so much a hankering for the glory days of old but the brutal reality of sport in the modern world. The BBL is a behemoth that is offering Australian fans what Americans have taken for granted for decades – when the days are long and languid people like to watch games that kick off about 7pm and finish around 10pm pretty much any old night of the week.

Almanac Baseball: The Other Summer Shield

Almanackers, if you are looking for a new treat this summer keep an eye out for the Australian Baseball League ruminates Brian.

Almanac Baseball: World Series 2017

Houston no longer has a problem. The Apollo has landed and the battered city can take comfort in a well deserved win by the Astros in the World Series as reported by Brian The Ruminator.

Almanac Music: A Letter to Walter Becker

Brian The Ruminator does just that as he reflects on the passing of Steely Dan’s Walter Becker.

Almanac Baseball: The Hunt for Red October

Are the Red Sox good enough to go all the way in October? Brian looks at their chances in the MLB.

Almanac Baseball: 2017 All Star Game

The MLB All Star Game had all the excitement and drama that you would expect and Brian has the action covered.

Almanac Baseball: The Sweet Spot

Brian looks at the recent trend of elevated batting in baseball. He also looks at the change in batting styles T20 has introduced to cricket.

Almanac Baseball: All Stars Align

The MLB All Stars Game allows fans to vote for who players to take part. How would a voting system for the AFL All Australian team go for fans?

Emerging Trends… Or Not

Brian takes a look at the trends that may or may not be taking place in the MLB this season.

When the Cubs Came to Fenway

Brian brings the latest from America for all the Aussie baseball fans.

Almanac Baseball: To The Third Decimal Point

Brian the Ruminator continues his introduction to the joys of Major League Baseball. Professional sport is increasingly a world of KPI’s and stats. Brian ruminates on the important numbers in the MLB.

Almanac Baseball: Opening Day MLB 2017

Madison MadBum Bumgarner does something quite remarkable on MLB Opening Day. Brian the Ruminator tells the story. [I think we’re going to enjoy The Ruminator]