Round 18 – Sydney v St Kilda: Sinful Saints slide sideways (or maybe downwards) against Swans in Sin City

Braham Dabscheck could only watch on in pain as St Kilda barely managed to get the ball into their forward 50; while Sydney surge to the finals.

Round 17 – St. Kilda v Essendon: No Escargot, Baguettes Or Croissants For Saints On Bastille Day

Le Revolution is kaput! The myth of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite promulgated by the propaganda machine of the footy moguls has been exposed once again by Braham Dabscheck for the lie it is, always has been and always will be. The Terror was unleashed on the Saints on Bastille Day by Robespierre with  his pseudonym from the west ‘Woosha’, Danton who incorrectly spells his name as Daniher, which is apparently heredity and the Oxymoron St. Just; as if justice has ever been part of footy! Is there no better demonstration of this than the 2009 and 2010 Grand Finals? Braham rests his case in this entertaining account.

Round 16 – St Kilda v Richmond: Saints obliterate Tigers in unbelievable performance

Any Saints fan would be happy with that – and Braham Dabscheck certainly was.

Round 15 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Saints beat Michael Walters and 21 other Dockers in a nailbiter

Michael Walters almost singlehandedly got the Dockers over the line, but the Saints hard work and determination were too much for the men in purple.

Round 14 – St Kilda v Gold Coast: The enigma that is St Kilda – Three splashes of sunshine in lacklustre win over undermanned Suns

Braham Dabscheck puts it best, “this was not one of the great games of footy.” Ultimately, St Kilda got over the line in the end and kept their finals chances alive.

Round 13 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: Despite Leaving Their Kicking Boots At Home, Saints Hippity Hop Over The Kangaroos

St Kilda returned to form by punishing a subpar North Melbourne on Friday night. Braham Dabscheck hopes this revives the Saints and pushes them forward in their quest for a spot in the finals.

Round 12 – Adelaide v St Kilda: Saints Blindsided By Crows Under Friday Night Lights

More building of character for Saints fans writes Braham Dabscheck after their visit to Adelaide.

Round 10 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Dogs String(er) Out The Saints In Game At Turnover City

The Saints have fallen into a hole after a promising start to the season. Not the best time to be playing Adelaide next away from home.

Lou Richards’ Master Class At Melbourne High

Braham Dabscheck recalls the time Lou Richards and Jack Dyer were invited to give a talk at Melbourne High School. Easily the most engaging talk he ever heard as a student.

Round 9 – St. Kilda v Sydney: Back Wheels Falling Off Saints’ Cart

Braham Dabscheck concedes that his Saints were beaten by a better team.

Round 8 – St Kilda v Carlton: Saints Jump Over Blue Hurdle Under Roofless Dome

With a high degree of tension and anxiety from start to finish for all concerned, the Saints played the Blues under the roofless dome.

Round 7 – St. Kilda v Greater Western Sydney: One Small Step For Footy, One GIANT Leap For Saintkind

For Saints’ fans their win over the Giants was like landing on the moon: One small step for footy, one GIANT leap for Saintkind. Saints’ fans have only ever been over the moon once, way back in 1966 and Braham has a feeling another landing is not too far away!

Round 6 – Hawthorn v St. Kilda: Saints Give The Hawks A Lesson At The University Of Tasmania (Stadium)

The Saints’ class of 2017 was far too smart for this year’s dunces.

Round 5 – St Kilda v Geelong: Saints Let Cats Out Of The Bag In The Second Half

After a tight first half the Saints were Selwood-ed after the break. (Not the first team to be) Braham Dabscheck tells the story.

Round 4 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Saints Out Tackle Pies In Pulsating Game

Braham reports on a cracker of a game between his Saints and the Pies.

Round 3 – St Kilda v Brisbane: A Master Class From Saint Nick Lead Saints To Victory Over The Lions

The Saints and Brisbane may have played an ordinary game of footy, Nick Riewoldt stepped up to the plate and gave a spectacular performance according to Braham Dabscheck. Montagna also caused a bit of a stir for some in the media and fans.

Round 2 – West Coast Eagles v St. Kilda: Windy West Wrests Victory From Wayward Saints

Although the Saints were blown away in the Windy West, Braham says the team can hold their heads high with pride.

Almanac Art: Football at ‘Arlparra Store’ by Katie Kemarre

A terrific painting by by Katie Kemarre entitled ‘Football at Arlparra store’. It comes from an area called Utopia- central desert region which adorns the walls of Braham Dabscheck.

Round 1 – St. Kilda v Melbourne: Demons Put Saints Into Early Season Hell

The Saints went down to Melbourne for the first time in fourteen matches. Braham Dabscheck give us his thoughts.

Round 23 – St Kilda v Brisbane: Nick Riewoldt puts on a master class

In their last game, Braham Dabscheck sees the Saints win game number 12. And “Nick had one of those games where even his team mates were in awe.”