ICC World Cup 2015: World Cup Quiz Challenge

It’s sudden death for Australia and India in today’s 2015 ICC World Cup semi final. Damian Balassone invites you to test your Cricket World Cup knowledge with this great little quiz.

Cricket Italia Team of the Century

Damian Balassone builds on recent Almanac conversation around sports players of Italian heritage with this: the Italian cricket team of the century. Did he miss anyone?

AFL Round 22 – GWS v Collingwood: Sitting on my watch

Damian Balassone gets his Pies home at the Templestow Hotel (some nice observations and descriptions which we’d expect from the poet D. Balassone – Ed)

Poetry: When the School Bell Chimed

Damian Balassone offers a poem to enchant and beguile. Filly, figment or female? You be the judge.

Asia-Pacific Team of the Century

Damian Balassone has come up with an Asia-Pacific team to be reckoned with. Do you agree with his selections?

AFL Round 23 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Last Round Blues

What is it about Collingwood and the final round?

Win a copy of Daniel Yammacoona

Your chance to win a complimentary copy of Daniel Yammacoona – a collection of 45 poems by Damian Balassone. In a twist, you must identify the subjects of five quatrains. Good luck!

AFL Round 16 – Collingwood v Adelaide: Through the looking glass

The Porpoise, the Lyon and Tom Lynch sounds like a Lewis Carroll poem but was almost Collingwood’s undoing.

The Wizardry of Warne

Damian Balassone, inspired by Gideon Haigh’s recent book On Warne, writes of Warne’s most memorable dismissals.

Song of the Seagull

Twilight-time, the MCG, seagulls now are flying free, as old men clean the littered stands, the seagulls spy the fertile land, the hordes have left in trams and trains, only corporate men remain, and while they sip their cold champagne the seagulls sing in joyful strains: “When you leave the footy ground, we fly in [Read more]

Megan Gale vs Jennifer Hawkins

  Do you like rap or rock ‘n’ roll? Silver troughs or toilet bowls? The Great Outdoors or Getaway? Eminem or Dr Dre? Sidney Myer or David Jones? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Rugby League or Aussie Rules? Corporate clowns or Holy Fools? Fat cigars or cigarettes? Busty blondes or slim brunettes? Jesus Christ [Read more]

Footy Quatrains Part 2

Advice to a Young Footballer “Don’t worry what the papers say, don’t fear the words of men, in Melbourne-town the footy boot is mightier than the pen.”     Jesaulenko You Beauty! If you blinked you would have missed it–– like the strike of a death adder–– he was soaring into outer space, Jenkins was [Read more]

Footy Quatrains

    The First Game of the Season A wife in marvellous Melbourne may well be tried for treason if she tries to stop her man attend the first game of the season.

Peter Daicos: The Top 35 (in chronological order)

  1. 1981 Round 10 vs. Richmond, Victoria Park After showing promise as a centreman, Tom Hafey swung Daicos forward in 1981.  The results were phenomenal: 76 goals, including a bag of 9 against the reigning premiers on this occasion at Victoria Park.  In this memorable passage of play, he utterly embarrasses two charging Richmond [Read more]

Confirmation from Canberra’s Crematorium

– for Kevin Rudd 24/6/2010   The king is dead! The king is dead! confirms the crematorium, audaciously the mutineers defied the moratorium.   There’s laughter in the parliament; there’s dancing in emporiums, his deeds will be confined to pages scribbled in scriptoriums.   A puppet-queen will praise his name before an auditorium, and lepers [Read more]

World Cup Fever Quiz

See how you go with DB’s World Cup brain teaser: 1. Name the only 3 players who have played in 3 winning World Cup Finals? 2. Name the 6 Australian players who have played in 2 winning World cup Finals? 3. Name the only 2 players to have played in 4 World Cup Finals? 4. [Read more]

Poetry: Dandaloo

Almanacker Damian Balassone has recently had some work published on an American site. We thought we’d give you a look. http://www.lucidrhythms.com/2010-2/Balassone_Damian.htm

Poetry: The Gambler at the Guillotine

by Damian Balassone He stood before the guillotine with one last word to say, for when the cleaver sliced his neck his head would roll away: “Each moment of my crazy life, I’m thankful to have lived, but for your wicked crime today, the Lord will not forgive. “Because of my prophetic gift, you’ve tipped [Read more]

The Big Dance

i)  The Pilgrimage An overcrowded morning train is nearing Richmond station, the fabled Melbourne Cricket Ground, the common destination, where kids are playing kick-to-kick, and cars are filling space, and stalls are selling scarves and things, they’ll even paint your face,

Poetry: The Sportsman or the Scientist?

The Sportsman or the Scientist: who do we revere? Milo or Pythagoras: which one do we cheer? * Newton or DiMaggio: which one got the girl? Edison or Baggio: who lit up the world? * Darwin’s worm or Tiger’s club: which one do we prize? Einstein’s rule or Ali’s glove: which one makes us wise? [Read more]