Almanac (Cricket) Poetry: Mike Gatting

Damian Balassone has some (poetic) fun with Mike Gatting.

Almanac Poetry: Allan Border’s Form Slump

A little poemsy from Damian Balassone.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: My Nonna

Damian Balassone’s Nonna has a clear view of the footy codes.

Almanac Footy Poetry: Battle of the Football Codes

Poems for three of the footy codes from Damian Balassone.

Don Scott’s Dimple

Damian Balassone has written his latest poem about Hawthorn great Don Scott and his prominent dimple.

Lewis Melican

Damian Balassone writes about Swan Lewis Melican in this poem.

Running with the Bulls

Damian Balassone’s latest poem is a humorous take on the Running of the Bulls. You’ve got to watch yourself when running from an angry bull.

In Praise of Carbohydrates

Damian Balassone reminds us of the the importance of the farinaceous.

The Arm of Harmes

An ode to Wayne Harmes from Damian Balassone.

Alex Fasolo

Damian Balassone accurately portrays the inaccurate Alex Fasolo….

Buckley’s Paddock

An inside 50 lament from DB.

Gary Ablett

Damian Balassone has written a poem about God himself, Gary Ablett.

Shane Morwood

Damian Balassone pens a poem to Collingwood and Sydney backman Shane Morwood.

Tackling Bontempelli

Damian tackles the Bont, in verse!

The Common Denominator

A quatrain by Damian Balassone, an ode to Wayne Johnston.

Caught Lillee Bowled Marsh

Rod Marsh bowling at the WACA with Dennis Lillee keeping? Damian Balassone faces up to this reverse combination in his latest short poetry piece.

The Crumbers

Inspired by Eddie Betts starring in his 250th game last weekend, Damian Balassone reflects on footy’s great crumbers.

Strange scorelines, here we come

Damian Balassone has compiled an entertaining list of stories of one-sided, accurate and inaccurate scores. (Well researched Damian-ed)

Collingwood 1991-2009: The Forgotten

Damian posts a tribute to those players who wore the black and white with distinction between the premiership years of 1990 and 2010, but were not quite able to represent the Pies on those two big days

Round 22 – Geelong v Collingwood: a speculative match report

Pies supporter Damian Balassone has attempted to predict the future by writing a report on Geelong v Collingwood, a game that hasn’t happened yet.