Gough Whitlam’s foreign policy was his true economic legacy

Tim Harcourt on Gough Whitlam and his foreign policy. [Nice intersection of the personal and the academic from Tim -Ed]

How a Japanese Guy Became a St Kilda Fan

Saint Yoshihiro Imagawa debuts with his story on how he became an Australian footy fan. “In 2011, I saw an AFL match at the pub by a chance; however I thought it was extraordinary (much different to other sports – I apologise if it offends you).” No apology necessary Yoshi. Welcome aboard.

Almanac Music: Stereo Stories Big Day Out a huge success

Congratulations to Vin Maskell (Stereo Stories editor) and all those involved in the Stereo Stories Big Day out. From all reports (including this one) it was a huge success. Check out the card.

AFL Grand Final: Glory Equals Pie Art Shared

Only from Tinsel Tony Wilson. A tale of the competitive juices which flow on Grand Final day. [More Tinsel madness - which somehow makes sense, and has a heart-warming denouement - JTH]

Trick Knee

Peter Goldsworthy’s fine poem about an end-of-career sportsman. [oustanding - Ed]

NFL: Eagles-Giants rivalry Q & A in preparation for the big clash

Philadelphia Eagles’ fan Scott Langford and New York Giants’ fan Cody Royle have a (very civilized, I must point out) debate about the big upcoming rivalry game between their two teams.

Football in Australia: “The World Game” – Is this marketing phrase a tad deceptive?

Miles Wilks takes issue with soccer appropriating the marketing slogan of “the World Game”.

Mental Health Week: Black Dog to Goal Posts (Reprised)

This piece by Jason Kevin Groves from 2011 is one of the most eloquent descriptions of the journey into and out of serious depression. (Hope you are doing well Jason. Give us an update on your footy or personal adventures – Ed.)

American Football Week 5: Boyhood memories of the Minnesota Vikings

Prof Bruce Bergland remembers Monday Night Football as a boy in Minnesota. Bruce is the editor of The Allrounder, an American Sportswriting site (mentioned by Peter Baulderstone in Crio’s Question this week). The Footy Almanac and The Allrounder will be looking out for each other. This piece was first published at www.pigskinalmanac.com our new American football writing site.

Wanganeen Wizardry

Thanks to Peter Argent, we can see that Gavin Wanganeen can still turn it on at 41.

Rugby League: Tom Brock Lecture (to be delivered by John Harms) in Sydney

John Harms will deliver the Tom Brock Lecture in Sydney on Oct 8. All welcome.

The Creation of the 2014 Almanac: Matt Spangher breathes life into this year’s back-to-back edition

A blessing! [Well that should help - Ed]

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: New York State of Mind

American student Christian Panebianco shares the experience of his first AFL Grand Final. Lucky that he is living and studying in Hawthorn.

Two ticks for the Granny

Digger and Teddy are ticketless and looking for Gloria when they arrive at the MCG on Saturday. Here’s what happens.

Rugby star follows dairy passion

Some professional sportsmen are left floundering and unsure what to do with the rest of their lives when their playing careers are over. But not former NRL star Ian Hindmarsh.

The Footy Almanac 2014 pre-order

Order your Footy Almanacs now.

Almanac on Tour – British Open and the Ashes.

2015 promises to be a big year in sport. We were eyeing off a trip to the British Open and the Ashes, and would love to gauge the interest of Almanackers to come along!

Who do you think should be on the cover of The Footy Almanac 2014?

Your suggestion?

Hawks’ Secret Revealed – Copy the Uni Blacks

Ray Wilson has listen to all the experts explain what happened out there on Saturday. But he knows they have missed the boat, because he has the inside knowledge. [Well there you have it - Ed]

Grand Final Eve Lunch: Lunch was the winner

It was all happening at the Almanac Grand Final Eve lunch on Friday.

If you were there, give us your Brownlow votes for the day.