Almanac Books: Champions All – A History of AFL/VFL Football in the Player’s Own Words – Part 1

Matt Zurbo has a new book published called Champions All – A History of AFL/VFL Football in the Player’s Own Words . In this extract players talk about the clubs in the 2010s from Adelaide to GWS.

Father’s Day Book Ideas

Get your Father’s Day books here.
Life as I know it.
Play On.
My Lifelong love affair with the Swans

Almanac Season Review: Essendon and the rude awakening (plus Round 23 report)

Trevor Blainey has ridden this 19-loss season with the Bombers and suggests they are looking good: “No other AFL team will add as many quality players to it’s list next year as Essendon.”

All Australian Squad announced – who makes the final cut?

The 2016 AFL All Australian squad of 40 has been announced, who makes the final 22 and who missed out?

2016 Grand Final Eve Lunch now on sale!

Our biggest lunch is almost upon us! Click through for details and to grab your tickets.

GWS and their First-Round Draft Picks

GWS have had an extraordinary number of first round draft selections with a high success rate, David Fordyce has reviewed the list and identifies a foundation and strategy to keep them going well into the future.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 23 Review

With typical enthusiasm and optimism, Cam Hooke feels that even though Collingwood didn’t win, they did everything else heading to 2017 with optimism and a bit of pride.

AFL Finals – Week 1: Schedule of Matches

Here’s the finals schedule. So, tell us how it plays out from here. Very interested in the views of neutrals. And if your side is in it, which team do you most fear and why? [Very hard – Ed]

Almanac Bigger (Sports) Picture: Radio National and the National Museum of Australia join forces for a Big Ideas program on all things sport

Last Monday Radio National broadcast an edited version of the panel discussion held at the National Museum on Aug 18. It includes Sally Shipard, Louise Burrows, Christian Sprenger, Chris Sarra and John Harms. Hosted by Paul Barclay.

Everyday Obituary: An ode to my old man, the Olympics and Usain Bolt.

Matt O’Hanlon’s father was a wonderful Queenslander (as is Matt). In this magnificent tribute to his Dad, Matt can’t help but demonstrate those elements of a sporting life which once drove the sporting culture and broader Australian culture. Those in powerful positions – in government, in sports administration, in media, and even in educational bureaucracy (not at the coal-face so much) – should read this piece. They will see what sport means to people, the level of their interest and engagement, and the sheer wisdom in Michael Joseph O’Hanlon’s approach. Vale Pop O’Hallaron. [An all-time classic – JTH]

The Most Important Kick in Football: The Kick Inside 50

Almanac welcomes David Fordyce, a Canberra based Geelong supporter. David provides interesting analysis on Geelong’s poor entries inside 50. [Welcome – Ed]

Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Comp 2 Update R22

Peter Hille with his Rotary Tip One update: Last week we lost 2 on the Demons. One round to go then a bye!

Almanac Footy: Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 23 preview

Cam Hooke previews the final game of Collingwood’s underwhelming season and believes the Pies can cause an upset and defeat Hawthorn.

Almanac Country Footy – Mullewa v Northampton: Last minute

Mullewa hadn’t won a game in the Great Northern Football League all year but overcame Northampton side in the final fixture. Peter Sweeney reports.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 22 Review

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood believers have remained positive throughout the season and in the penultimate round were pleased with the efforts against Gold Coast.

Almanac Soccer: Getting the Fans Offside

John Green is avoiding Richmond’s season in England observing the local Football, you will enjoy his post on an English League Cup fixture.

Corey Enright: From obscurity in Kimba to (Geelong) football’s centre stage

Denis Hart broke down in Kimba – when Corey Enright was just heading off to primary school.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 22: Thinking of 2017

Cam Hooke previews the Pies v GC.

Almanac Junior Footy – Under-10s East Keilor v Keilor Highlights

Highlights from the under-10s East Keilor v Keilor Grand Final.

Footy and Community – an extract from ‘Our Sporting Life’

A piece from the Griffith Review: Our Sporting Life and an opportunity to attend a panel discussion at the Canberra National Museum.