The First Footy Almanac Podcast

A little banter from Matt Quatermaine, The People’s Elbow, Steve Baker and their special guest Damian Callinan.

AFL, NRL and Nags previews

Some previews from the experts at TattsBet.

O Me Miserum: the genesis and revelations of an offie

[G'day to UQCC readers and thanks to I. Elks for diverting newsletter readers to the footyalmanac website. Hope all is well at St Lucia]

Chris Harms, whose bowling action was highlighted in a recent piece by John Harms, replies to his cousin.

AFL Round 3 2014 Reports

Round 3 2014 Reports

Footy Art (thanks to Warwick Green and the Herald Sun)

Check out the footy art that Warwick Green highlights in this excellent piece in the Herald Sun.

Les Everett and his footy website

Les Everett has revamped his website. Check it out.

Under 12 Footy: St Kilda City Red v South Melbourne

St Kilda City Red play an important practice match where they learn a few things, get some fitness and enjoy the run around. They leave remembering to get the footy in their hands for at least half an hour a day, and keen for the next opportunity to run out. Edward Harken presents this comprehensive report.

Jack Clancy: man of substance

Ray Wilson’s tribute to Jack Clancy who was involved with the Melbourne Uni Blacks for six decades. Jack Clancy, Ray says, had a profound influence on so many people.

Jack Clancy 1934-2014

Jack Clancy – footballer, philosopher, writer, teacher, bon vivant – was one of the characters of Melbourne life. John Timlin (no slouch himself) spoke at the recent celebration of Jack’s life.

AFL Round 2 – Match Reports

All of the Almanac match reports for AFL Round 2 (gathered in one place, for easy access).

Opportunity lost with the AFL grand final rematch this weekend

Miles Wilks suggests that the previous season’s grand finalists should be competing for higher honours in their first clash of the new season.

Got a great sports photo?

Tired of looking at Dips in a Geelong jumper? Send us your great sports photos.

Barrie Robran

It’s been a big week for South Australia. Words and photo from Peter Argent.

AFL Round 2 – Fremantle v Gold Coast: Aunty Mary

A good win for your team covers all sins. John Burmej finds it in his heart to forgive son Nicholas for forgetting to pack the jacket on the first rainy day in Perth for 4 months. Nat Fyfe brings a smile to all faces.

AFL Round 1, 2014 Reports

AFL Round 1 reports can be found here.

Footys4All Foundation : Ross Faulkner & Son transform Elcho Island

Michael Gallus from the brilliant Footys4All Foundation tells the story of Ross Faulkner footballs, with on the ground support from Ross’ 17yo son Jack, transforming the lives of 800 children on Elcho Island (birthplace of Gurrumul).

Fantasy Football – Footy Almanac Groups

JTH hates fantasy football. But for those whose weekends are lit up by 20 metre kicks back to outside midfielders we have great news! We have started Footy Almanac groups. Unlimited spots and prizes for the winning coaches (assuming I can talk Harmsy into it)

Almanac artists will paint you the world’s most personal gift

Looking for a brilliant gift? Get one of our artists to knock up a portrait.

The ‘Baz’ Mullins Cup

Damien ‘Baz’ Mullins was a handy cricketer, barrister, administrator, and on the board of Cricket Australia, before dying, from cancer, at he age of 49 in 2010. Each year his memory is honoured in the ‘Baz’ Mullins Cup. Peter Herring reports.

The Big Show Comes To Old Sydney Town

Braham Dabscheck has been going to the SCG since 1959. On the weekend he saw Major League baseball there. These are his observations. [Nicely paced - Ed]