Almanac Amateur Boxing – “Keep your heads up; no holding; no low blows; and good luck”

Luke Stegemann, writer, thinker and amateur boxing referee, takes you inside the Queensland scene, inside the ring. And inside his own thoughts; thoughts of boxing and of the role of boxing [Superb – Ed].

Presenting…The Doggies Almanac 2016

It was such a brilliant season we just had to celebrate the Bulldogs magnificent premiership. Presenting…….The Doggies Almanac.

Almanac Party: The Doggies Almanac launch and end of year drinks (Dec 14)

Wednesday Dec 14 at the North Fitzroy Arms. Come and celebrate with the Almanac crew (and Perc). The tradition of launch parties continues.

The contents page from The Doggies Almanac

This is the contents page taken directly from The Doggies Almanac – which is out now. [John Harms is adding info about pieces in the comments – Ed]

Luke Beveridge, the Bulldogs faithful, and Play On

Footy means so much to so many. Just ask a Doggies supporter. In his book Play On (from the Loose Men Everywhere section) John Harms considered why. Luke Beveridge read an extract from Play On at the club celebrations last night. Here’s what the much-loved coach read.

Odd Friday Lunch with Stacky (Dec 9)

Have lunch with Stacky at the North Fitzroy Arms on Friday December 9.

Almanac Books: Footy Grounds to Grandstands: Play, Community and the Australian Football League (by Sam Duncan)

Sam Duncan has turned his PhD thesis into a book. You are invited to the launch on Dec 11. [Congratulations Sam – JTH]

Almanac Footy Poetry: “Manacunna,” by Ian Bland

We’re lucky today at the Almanac to share the poetry of Ian Bland. Check out this rollicking tale of Manacunna.
“The town of Manacunna, in the far west of the state
Had, outside of football, little cause to celebrate…”

Would you like to write a book review? I have a couple of good ones up for grabs.

We’ve got a couple of excellent books to hand over to reviewers.

MCG Memories – The 1956 Olympics

This week is the 60th anniversary of the start of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Ann Rusden tells about going along to watch, not knowing she would later be friends with one of the athletes in action.

Adelaide Test – Invitation: Saturday brunch Knackers function

Citrus Bob invites Knackers to an Adelaide Test rendezvous: Oxford Hotel, Saturday November 26th, 10.15am for an 11am brunch. RSVP details provided.

Peter Argent’s book: “Snaps of the 2016 season”

Capturing images across the length and breadth of South Australian football at numerous levels, Peter Argent has produced an e-book of over 500 of his finest football images in 2016.

Man and Beast: Snake Dog

In this extract from the recently released anthology Man and Beast, edited by Andrew Rule, Anson Cameron tells the boyhood tale of his brave dog.

Jobe Watson to hand back the Brownlow Medal

Jobe Watson today announced that he will hand back the Brownlow Medal awarded to him in 2012. How does this sit in your ledger?

Dion Fanning – Farewell the GAA summer and all the things I learned

Dion Fanning returns to Dublin after 20 years, to find comfort in the Gaelic games of his youth. [Great piece on the place of sport in lives – Ed].

Joe Posnanski – Chicago Cubs and the Wonder of Game 7: “Oh my God”

“Some day, after the tears have dried and the hangover has lifted, after disbelief has transformed into nostalgia and the books have all been written, this might go down as the greatest baseball game ever played. It is much too soon for that now…” Check out acclaimed NBC sportswriter Joe Posnanski on an historic, emotional event.

Almanac Cycling – Self-confessed ratbag Jim Coyle

Jim Coyle, amateur cyclist, was a prolific winner – racing for 50 years between 1940 and 1990. His jersey and trophies are part of a collection now showing at Scienceworks. Jim’s story is a beauty.

Almanac Baseball: 2016 World Series – Recommended reading

This piece from ESPN’s Wright Thompson beautifully captures the joy and sorrow that can accompany long awaited success. We highly recommend it.

Confirming VRC Handicapper Greg Carpenter, trainer Robbie Griffiths and Andy Gemmell will join us at the Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch

Magnificent news for lunch fans. VRC Handicapper Greg Carpenter, Robbie Griffiths and Andy Gemmell have confirmed they will join us for lunch on Cup Eve at the North Fitzroy Arms. RSVP now.

Almanac Classic Cricket Writing: Arthur Mailey’s Opposing my Hero from 10 for 66 and all that

A.A. Mailey on bowling to Victor Trumper. This is a deadset classic.