Almanac (Footy) Music: The Women have Come to Play

Verity Sanders and friends have recorded a terrific song celebrating women’s footy. Listen here. Read the lyrics. And Verity has penned a few words.

International Footy: From a Raven’s point of view

Karin Flodin is part of Yvette Wroby’s extended and drafted family. In her first piece for the Almanac she tells us how she came to be playing footy in Sweden and in the Euro Cup this year. Maybe we can look forward to her representing Sweden in the next International Cup.

Almanac Music: Maubere Timor Music of the Resistance

Maubere Timor is an ensemble of old school Timor-Leste veterans who spread their love of power in speech through a 12 track album that touches on haunting topics of occupation and songs of their past that will solidify their heroic history and the memory of the resistance movement for future generations.

In collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office for Veterans Affairs Maubere Timor was brought to life in David Bridie’s studio in Melbourne and mixed by Andy Robinson. The sound is passionate and acoustic, with soaring harmonies, laments and songs of inspiration. The idea is not that different from the Buena Vista Socials Club where the veterans have reinvigorated songs of their countries past. But this time it is from the hills behind enemy lines.

The Sports Writers Festival 2017

The Sports Writers Festival 2017 is coming to Melbourne (28/29th Oct) and Sydney (3rd/4th Nov) with a quality cast of speakers and topics. Further details inside.

Almanac Novels: Jeff Dowsing’s Undercurrents

Jeff Dowsing has released an e-novel. Read about Undercurrents here.

Beechworth’s Unofficial Ambassador

KB Hill caught up with a legend of Beechworth, Kevin Rhodes, who has led a colourful life on the footy oval and in life.

The famous North Hobart Football Club name rises again

Members have voted to return the name North Hobart Football Club to Tasmanian football.

Bathurst 500: Your memories.

The Bathurst 500 (old school) – or Bathurst – is a festival day in Australian life. Give us your memories. And what is the model of car in the old photograph?

Robert ‘Bones’ McGhie – The Smoking Tiger

Radio National recently revisited the man behind this famous photo from the 1973 Grand Final. Links to the full story and interview are available here.

Odd Friday Lunch – Chris Anstey October 13th

Basketballer Chris Anstey is the special guest at the North Fitzroy Arms for its October 13th Odd Friday Lunch.

Premiership Tiger Dreams of a 1967 Repeat

KB Hill looks back at the life and career of John Perry who played in Richmond’s 1967 Grand Final win. A fascinating overview of the player’s career, family connections to footy and some of the legends he played with and against.

Pompey Austin: an Australian sporting hero deserving of recognition

Roy Hay has written this for The Guardian on Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin, who, amongst many claims to fame, “was almost certainly the only Indigenous player to play in a top-level football match in the 19th century”.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: William Shakespeare and why the Tiges won

Michael Cunningham may well have influenced the Grand Final result from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Almanac Grand Final Lunch: Pics, brief report and thank yous.

The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch has become an institution. Great to see everyone – from around Australia and a few from overseas. Thanks to Lyn Campbell-Anderson for the wonderful photos.

Tip the Top 8 results for Season 2017

Here are the results of the Tip the Top 8 competition.

Almanac Radio Interview Today: Jon Faine’s Conversation Hour

Writer, university researcher and now Guardian contributor and assistant sports editor Kate O’Halloran  and John Harms will be Jon Faine’s guests on The Conversation Hour today (Thursday) from 11am. (774 ABC Melbourne) They will be talking about The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017. But it’s also slightly different Conversation Hour today. The discussion will take place [Read more]

Almanac 2017 Brownlow Tipping Competition – Results

UPDATE – The results are in. Congratulations Ben Beaudinette aka Piffy (who also took out the Almanac Footy Tipping Comp).

We think that Dusty is over the line. Here’s a way to keep your interest in the Brownlow. Tip 5 club leading votegetters closest to the pin and some Malarkey merch is yours.

UH Grand Final Lunch – Susan Alberti and Women in Leadership (WIL)

University House Members and Guests are invited to join our Grand Final Lunch with Special Guest Susan Alberti, tomorrow Thurs 28th September.

AFLFA: Adelaide and Richmond fans face Grand Final ticket heartache

Fans face AFL Grand Final heartache as more than 95,000 Adelaide and Richmond members – almost enough to fill the MCG – miss out on tickets, the AFL Fans Association says.

Dogs Came Out Snarling For Mighty Mick

Another fine contribution from KB Hill, covering the footy life and times of Wodonga legend (and ex-Collingwood player) Mick Bone