Big Bash 2014-15 – Stars v Renegades: Who will rule Melbourne?

Ben Myatt writes about last summer’s BBL Melbourne derby which was decided on the last ball of the night.

Round 8: H Block Staffroom Tips

The boys in H Block staffroom offer some Round 8 tips. With a surprise in there for Saturday afternoon.

Junior Almanac – Footy: Hey, I should be doing something

One day Sam Colquhoun said, “Hey I should be doing something.” So he took up footy and joined the Mt Eliza Mounties. And now he’s having a ball.

Pick One update – Status Quo

There are still 20 tipsters in the Fitzroy Rotary Tip One comp. Click through for details

Junior Almanac – Skateboarding: Lessons learnt at the Naz

Jack Regan heads to the Naz, gets a few tips from an old hand, and nails a new move or two. [Great use of the lingo Jack – Ed]

Junior Almanac: The Hidden Language of the Soul

Erin Douglas-O’Loughlin, who dances for madness (An impressively mature, expressive piece – as a great man once said, “How can someone so young sing these words?” – Ed).

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 8 preview v Gold Coast

Another week is another shot at redemption. The Gold Coast – despite having a terrible start to the season – have a pretty good record against the Pies and Cam Hooke is well aware of this. Nonetheless, despite some trepidation, he, like any true believer, has faith that his Woodsmen will prevail.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Old Melburrnians: Arise Sir Gator

The Mosquito Fleet of the Fitzroy FC give their all, but they have been waiting for another big man to rise, as King George III explains [while having a crack at another club stalwart – Ed]

Footy History: The tragic tale of Alf Dear

A story from deep in the early days of VFL, when there were no lines between family tragedy and footballing career. John Donegan writes the story that needed to be told of Alf Dear.

Freophile Corner: Dave Warner’s East Freo team of 2015

Each year, muso, footy fan, Freophile and lover of the good things in life, Dave Warner, picks a team made up of east Frementle players. It’s always pretty handy. Check the 2015 team.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 7 wrap-up.

Trying times for Cam Hooke and his True Believers, but the panic button is far from being pressed.

Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Young Dogs give Dockers a scare

Dylan Bolch, who is 14 years old, makes his Almanac debut capturing all the tension of the Bulldogs-Dockers game on Sunday. [Lively piece thanks Dylan – Ed]

Round 7 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Icing on the cake

Some great junior almanac work from Hawthorn fan, Molly Lennon – literally putting the icing on the cake as the Hawks destroy Melbourne.


Help us out with this amazing mark.

Pick One: Five gone, Twenty standing

And then there were twenty.

Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: Dr Hooke’s Collingwood life (Dr or not, it has a nice ring to it!)

Cam Hooke – who assures us he is sans PhD [but should have one in Collingwood Studies – Ed] – with his preview of the Pies clash with an old foe. This has all of Dr Hooke’s customary thoroughness. If only his players had the same commitment to detail.

Professor Punt and the boys from H Block

If you have ever had anything to do with teachers you will recognise this scenario. The boys from H Block Staffroom have a few spares on a Thursday so they get serious about planning their weekend strategy. See how they fare with this.

Almanac Event: Lunch with Luke Ball on the 29th of May

Join Luke Ball for lunch on the 29th of May at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. Read on for details. RSVP essential.

Discussion: what do we do with the advantage rule in Australian football?

Jim Young wants some sensible thinking around the advantage rule. [Interesting observationre the use of the umpy’s whistle in footy – Ed]

Horseracing: The 2015 Grand Annual from Steven Pateman’s Jockeycam on Lord of the Song

This is worth a look. Steve Pateman rode Lord of the Song in the Grand Annual at Warrnambool this year. Here’s how he experienced the race. [Couldn’t have been scripted-directed much better really – Ed]