American author on watching Australian football

A note on Aussie football with the season Down Under now underway – An American’s perspective.

Now that you’ve heard of Mason Cox

And after an Anzac Day debut, a handy mark and goal with his first kick in the league, here’s a piece on US politics by Mason Cox himself.

Fitzroy Rotary Pick One Update

Here’s the latest on the knockout comp run by Fitzroy Rotary.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 6 Preview

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life Round 6 preview, all the latest pre-game intel for Collingwood believers.

Almanac Racing: Jump to The Bool

To Simon Hogan, Warrnambool Racing Carnival is full of treasured memories and friends and brings the ‘Bool to life.

UQCC Old Boys vs Antiquarians: A Very Greek Tragedy

On the 9th day of the 4th month, 2016 A.D, two combatants meet for the Siege of Henzell, one side would salute victory while the taste of defeat greets the vanquished. [A classic – Ed]

Our Friends at Manning Clark House: Events Calendar

Manning Clark House is a terrific cultural institution in Canberra. Here’s a list of events which are scheduled for 2016. All welcome.

Almanac Leadership: Claudio Ranieri on this incredible (unfinished) Leicester City year

With Leicester City still improbably atop the English Premier League table, we share this wonderful story of leadership and possibility by their manager, Claudio Ranieri.

Junior Footy – Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Roys in good form again

The Roys played well again last Sunday as Joey Barnard reports. [Some beaut photos as well – Ed]

SA Ultimate Wool Team – In: Bernie Vince

We’ve found a late inclusion to the South Australian Ultimate Wool Team. See what you think of this evidence.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 5 Review

Cam Hooke reviews Collingwood’s Anzac Day performance against Essendon.

Almanac Anzac Weekend Sport Results

All the sporting results worth knowing after the Long Weekend.

Junior Footy – Preston Bullants v Fitzroy Under 9-S: Roys strong again

Joey Barnard had a lot of responsibilities yesterday when he played for Fitzroy Under 9-S. He was co-captain, first ruck and he was the match reporter. Here’s Joey’s story about another top quality performance from the team.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 5 Preview

For the true believers, Cam Hooke previews Collingwood’s Round 5 ANZAC match

Round 4 – Adelaide v Sydney: the best game I have ever seen

In his 10 tender years, granted not all of them as an active viewer of Aussie Rules, Aidan Hammond has not seen a better game. Who can blame him?

Robe2Bendigo: The End

On Day 16 of their walk from Robe, Denise Hilton supports her band of intrepid walkers into Bendigo. [Outstanding – Ed].

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 4 Review

Maintain the faith; we cannot to any worse (I hope). Cam Hooke’s review of Collingwood’s Round 4 game against Melbourne

Almanac Weekend Sport Results 17-4-2016

All the sports results worth knowing

Book event: From the Outer this Wednesday at Readings in Carlton

Alicia Sometimes and Nicole Hayes book of footy writing – with pieces by a diverse range of contributors – is being launched on Wednesday (April 20) night at Readings.

Junior Footy – Fitzroy Under 9S v Brunswick: Great start for the Roys

The Fitzroy Under 9S side played extremely well on a beaut day at home. Read Seb Donellan’s report.