Almanac Weekend Review

All the sporting results you may have missed

‘Super’ Sanders and his lessons for reaching the young and restless.

Super Bowl 50 means it is Grand Final week for marketers in the USA. The Airport Economist looks at what they can learn from a 74 year old socialist.

Speakola: Fabulous at the Lodge

A ripping speech from Alex Marcou detailing Carlton’s trips to the Lodge in the early ’80s.

Almanac Art: Footy Grandstands

More great artwork by Mike Hugo including Vic Park and EJ Whitten Stands

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 – A Quick Follow-up

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 continues with Eddie Watch and injury updates

Almanac Cricket: UQCC – Interview with the Keepers (Part 1)

Wonderful stuff. Ian Elks shares Part 1 of a cracking interview with three Uni of Queensland Cricket Club wicketkeepers to play for Queensland: Lew Cooper, Wade Seccombe and Chris Hartley. The conversation covers WEP Harris, Thommo and even Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk [with thanks to UQCC Old Boys Cricket News – Ed].

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood life 2016: a look ahead

Cam Hooke welcomes the new season with typical optimism. What are your thoughts on his team assessment and game plan?

They Call It Lord’s

The history of Sunbury Cricket Club on the Yorke Peninsula is one of character and characters as told by Peter Argent

Almanac Weekend: sports results you may have missed or didn’t look hard enough

Keep up with the weekend sports results and news.

Secrets of the oldest professional longboard surfer in the world

Nick Kossatch writes of the secrets of Michael Cottier. What keeps a longboard surfer going?

The Tent Hill Tennis Club

A beauty from Glen Natalier; memories of tennis in the Lockyer Valley [One of the kids in the photograph c1948 is Cecil Logan, my (late) uncle. He was as big a character as Uncle Stan. Glen Natalier, is a former teaching colleague of mine – he grew up on the farm just up the road from my grandparents’ spud and watermelon farm. You haven’t played tennis until you’ve played on antbed – JTH]

Almanac Weekend Wrap

Keep up to date with this weekend’s Alamanc Sporting Weekend Wrap

Almanac beer ads: If she’s a girl who knows how to catch trout

There’s been some classic beer ads over the years. Does anyone remember this? [Mickey Randall started this in Long Bombs to Snake. Please suggest others – Ed]

Become a 2016 Almanac member

The Almanac announces it sensational annual membership packages:
The Jack Dyer Good Ordinary Membership
The K.D. Walters Gadabouts’ Membership
The John Wren Business Membership

Almanac Road Trips: The Great Open Road Trip Blues

Matt Hanlon’s road trip carries an impressive batting order.

Almanac Tennis: The five-set specialist (it’s how he likes it)

Tribute to Lleyton Hewitt, as Ross Green recalls his own personal intersection with so many gritty Hewitt moments.[Ripper piece – Ed]

Almanac Running: St Albans Gift results

A belated addition on the weekend wrap – Pro running at St Albans

Almanac Weekend Wrap

Missed the weekend scores? Catch up with our weekend wrap.

Almanac Island Rugby: Manus

An uncommon sports photo from David Bridie.

Almanac Travel: Orlando Magic

Steve Earl is having the time of his life, bumping into fascinating types in the sports bars of America. In Orlando he finds a couple of classics – a writer and an artist, both with Arnie and St Andrews fetishes. [Another ripper – Ed]