Almanac-Greys Lunch in Sydney

The recent lunch at the Royal Exhibition Hotel in Sydney was a cracker thanks to the Almanackers and friends, and the whole crew from The Greys (Adelaide Uni FC’s past players).

AFL Round 15 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: Odyssey to Launceston

Pure Poetry. From Dave Goodwin. And his Hawks. And Gazza Junior. Pity about the Tassie weather. (Contains some great lines and advice – Ed.)

Tina Ongarello Reminisces

Following on from Bernard Whimpress’s piece (which discusses the place kick and significant ancients like Dave MacNamara) we were reminded of this piece by Tina Ongarello whose Uncle Tony is the last footballer to have used a place kick in a VFL game (v Geelong, Brunswick St Oval, someone will tell me the date).

This story is also timely – given it is multicultural round.

Melbourne Lunch on Friday with Simon Marshall and Mark Pennings

Enjoy an informal lunch with Simon Marshall and Mark Pennings.

Ned Wilson wins the David Zampatti Rio Tipping Competition

After receiving the all clear on his B Sample, Our Almanac Man in Hawthorn, Ned Wilson, has been declared the winner of The Footy Almanac David Zampatti Rio. He wins a 3-pack of Murrindindi Wines.

Jim Pavlidis Exhibition in Geelong

Jim Pavlidis’s exhibition /Accounts of my Dancing Evenings – Season 1914′ is on at the Geelong Gallery.

AFL Round 17 Reports

All the reports for Round 17.

Invitation: MCC Conversazione (July 23) on cricket books and rare sports book

 MCC Library presents as part of Rare Book Week (Free Event)   Gideon Haigh, Russell Jackson and John Harms In Conversazione (Talking about the importance of cricket books and the ones which got them started) Wednesday 23 July, midday-130pm MCC Library, Third Floor, MCC, at the MCG Also a display of rare books from the [Read more]

Footy Almanac Art

Grab a glass of cheap champagne – it’s the grand opening of Footy Almanac Art!

Barry Clarke: dairy career prolongs football passion

Rick Bayne tells the story of Barry Clarke, who in his 50′s is still kicking goals, both on the field and off it with his dairy company.

Martin Tighe in the running for Archibald Prize

Congratulations to artist Martin Tighe, on being short-listed for this year’s Archibald Prize.

C Down promises to get off the couch for an important cause (SUDC research)

C Down, who values the sedentary life, has promised to down brandy balloon and Golf Monthly for a good cause. Close friends of his lost their daughter to SUDC/SIDS, and he is taking part in a fundraiser for research.

The beauty and function of wool (in footy jumpers, blankets and beards)

Clint Rule still wears his old footy jumper as a barrier against the Adelaide cold, to differentiate himself from Gen Y, and because he’s a tight-arse.

World Cup Final Blog

Where are you? Who are you watching the game with? Who are you supporting between Germany and Argentina? Have you got up early or stayed up late to watch other games in this World Cup? Is world football a passion or a passing interest for you?

AFL Round 16 Reports

All the reports from Round 16.

Nallei Jerring – My Footy Story: Kirsty Gosling

Kirsty Gosling was one of the young participants in last year’s Nallei Jerring at the Western Bulldogs. This is her footy story. Go Tiges!

Nallei Jerring – My Footy Story: Can a Kangaroo become a Bulldog?

Kelly Johnson has been a Roo-girl all her life so when she came to work at the Western Bulldogs she faced a big dilemma – and a Mum who made her feelings very clear.

[This is part of the My Footy Story series for Nallei Jerring (the Koorie Youth Program) at the Western Bulldogs - Ed]

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers – Gerry (The Torp) Both: Adelaide Uni Blacks. A Blast from the Past

Gerry ‘The Torp’ Both finds his old Blacks jump and recalls the stories of (many) players and teams, premierships and defeats, aching tragedy and great joy. [Great stuff - Ed]

Almanac Podcast – Episode 10

The People’s Elbow and Matty Q are joined by Trucker Slim and Big Sean Gorman to talk all things footy, wool, WA, indigenous footy, life as a hawks fan and the Purple Circus.

Winter Cricket; No drownings please

Cricket continues through the Melbourne winter, as John Gascoigne explains.