Memorial: a suggestion from writer Jim Young

Jim Young, author of Any Old Eleven, and long-time friend of the Almanac has a suggestion for the First Test in Brisbane.

Sport, Team and Memory

In thinking about the tragic death of Phil Hughes, Brutas Mudcake reminds us of the significance of sport, team and memory.

Lou: Mentality

Lou is fielding comments from his customers.

The Footy Almanac 2014 Launch in Melbourne (it was a beauty)

The Melbourne launch of The Footy Almanac 2014 lived up to expectations. A lively crowd loved hearing Enzo Spangher’s stories as he gave the book his blessing.

Lou: they have no idea (about juniors, about scheduling, about ticket pricing, about anything)

Well, what do you expect, asks Lou? It seems so obvious.

Become a 2015 Almanac member today

The Almanac announces it sensational annual membership packages:
The Jack Dyer Good Ordinary Membership
The K.D. Walters Gadabouts’ Membership
The John Wren Business Membership
The W.K. Trewick Scholarship (and the like)

Lou: Cricket and potatoes

Lou’s limped often enough to know a bad back when he sees one, and has some advice [surprise, surprise] for the Australian selectors on the captaincy.

A media release from the Fans’ Association. Your thoughts?

The AFL Fans Association is keen to have a voice at the (match day) summit which starts tomorrow. Your thoughts? Should they have an invited representative? What’s your view of the AFLFA?

Lou: 264 off 173?

Would this bloke Sharma made those runs in such time off DK Lillee or Jeffery Robert Thomson, Gus Gilmour or even Tangles?

The Sport and Enlightenment Debate: Angela Pippos

Angela Pippos took the anchor leg for the Basil Sellers Art Prize great debate and smashed them like guitars.

Lou’s Latest

Lou has a crack at high performance coaches and sends a fruiterer’s warning to Sachin.

Dean Jones @ East Coburg Cricket Club Sports Night

Great night to be had at the East Coburg Cricket Club on 2nd December with Test legend Dean Jones as guest speaker. Contact George Georgiou and let him know you’ll be coming along.

The Great Debate. The path to enlightenment: sport or art?

Come and see sport and art fight it out at The Ian Potter Museum of Art. Wednesday Nov 12. Details in this post.

Footys4all Behind Bars Freedom Cricket Match

Michael Gallus takes us behind prison walls to share the great work Footys4all is doing to bring sport and hope to prisoners. Is ‘over the fence and out’ strictly enforced behind razor wire?

Sean Gorman’s request – information on Indigenous footballers, clubs, leagues

Sean Gorman is embarking on a significant research project and seeks our assistance.

Pakistan v Australia , Second Test: Coaching?

Lou says that the Australian performance reeks of poor coaching.

Life and football: John Harms at Ainslie

David Fordyce takes us to an Ainslie Football Club function, August 2014, Canberra. The speaker: John Harms. The subject: connections between life and football. Take it away David…

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 2: Recent commentary from Lou (and the emails keep coming)

Lou is not happy with the Australian skipper.

Horses for Courses – Your Form Guide to the Asian Century

The Airport Economist, Tim Harcourt, is thinking like a punting analyst. Here he presents the field of Asian trade markets and their form. [Playful – Ed]

Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch at the Waterside – Latecomers Welcome!

We’re moving upstairs at the Waterside for Monday’s lunch, which means there is now plenty of room for those yet to commit. We’d love you to come along. Click through for more info and to RSVP.