Announcing The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018

We are thrilled to announce that after securing support from our wonderful sponsors and patrons, we will be producing another edition of The Women’s Footy Almanac book to cover the 2018 season.

Friends of St. Kilda Cemetery: The Sporting Tour Feb 25 (All Welcome)

Rob Heath and the Friends of St Kilda Cemetery invite everyone to The Sporting Tour on Sunday Feb 25 at 2pm. Details in this post.

The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017: the story of the inaugural AFLW season.

The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017 is still available. Re-live the first AFLW season.

The Odd Friday Lunch: Friday 23rd February 2018, 1.05pm, at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel.

Friends, Almanackers, and footy lovers; come lend us your ears, Wayne Johnston, The Dominator shall tell of his domination, dominating the realms of his dominion, the footy field, at the next Odd Friday Lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel, on Friday 23rd February.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: “Are you watching this?”

A late mail from Cam Hooke this week but here is the latest on all things Collingwood in AFLW, AFLX, AFL, VFL, VFLW, Magpies netball and Eddie.

AFLW Round 2 – Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs: Photo Gallery by Ingrid Baade

Photographer Ingrid Baade was at Sunday’s AFLW clash between the Brisbane Lions and Western Bulldogs and has taken these fantastic images.

AFLW 2018 in names only – an unhelpful guide to all of the AFLW players of 2018

Contributor and mad Dees fan Ann Deux gives you her unhelpful guide to all the AFLW players of 2018. A thoroughly entertaining read. [Great suff Ann – KS]

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: The Curate’s Egg

Cam Hooke analyses the AFLW game – where the stats pointed to a Pies win. [Ripped off by the umps and The Universe again Cam – JTH] And prepares us for AFLX with an acknowledgement that none of us will have a clue until we see it. [Fair enough – JTH]

BBL07 Photo Gallery by Peter Argent: D’Arcy Short attempts to catch a skier

Photographer Peter Argent captured BBL07 Player of the Tournament D’Arcy Short attempting to catch a skier from the bat of Travis Head during the Grand Final on Sunday afternoon.

Odd Friday Lunch – Friday Feb 9: Geoff Southby

The first Odd Friday Lunch for 2018 features Geoff Southby this Friday (Feb 9)

Almanac Exclusive: Footy Almanac Haiku T-Shirts for sale

Haiku Bob, Chris Rees and the Footy Almanac bring you some genuinely original T-shirts.

Kate O’Halloran in The Guardian: ‘Opening night crowds a clear sign AFLW is here to stay’

Read Kate O’Halloran’s latest piece on AFLW Opening Night on The Guardian website. [Great article Kate – KS]

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Can the AFLW and AFLX bring the Pies some success?

In the second instalment of Canberra-based Collingwood fan(atic) Cam Hooke’s email chain for 2018, he ponders the Pies chances in the upcoming AFLW Season, what impact AFLX will have and a few other Collingwood queries.

Remember this? All the pieces published after Round 1 of AFLW 2017

Here’s a list (with links) to all of the pieces published around Round 1 last year. Lots of memories here. No wonder we could put a book together!

Play On

Play On is the omnibus edition of John Harms’s first three books: Loose Men Everywhere, Memoirs of a Mug Punter, and Confessions of a Thirteenth Man. Read what the critics have said about them here. And copies of the latest edition (2015) are available.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: It’s all about to start for the four (or is it six?) Pies’ teams

Cam Hooke is a Canberra-based Collingwood fan(atic) around whom a wonderful email group has formed. After he contacted John Harms just to say g’day, he started to include him on that list. JTH received the weekly missive which was so informative that he asked Cam if it could be published on the Almanac site. Over the last few years Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life has been much-loved by Pies’ fans.

This is the first one of 2018…

Martin Flanagan reviews Footy Town (published in the Age)

I was just putting some info together about Footy Town for someone who has just heard about it, and recalled this terrific review from Martin Flanagan. We have a few copies left if anyone is interested. JTH

Read Martin Flanagan’s glowing review essay of Footy Town: Stories of Australia’s Game.

The AFL season for a Tiges supporter in Denmark

It’s become a lot easier to be a Tiges’ fan in Denmark, but when his beloved Richmond started to look so good Ian Hill thought about making plans, then made plans – and had the time of his life. [Terrific Tiger life story which Ian was motivated to write after he received his copy of The Tigers’ Almanac in Denmark – yes we can get copies to you overseas JTH]

Almanac Novelty Teams: The Cricket Playing Martians are Coming

Roger Lowrey picks a side from the best cricketers he’s seen (since 1963). Will no doubt generate some discussion.

Almanac Cricket: Shane Backx’s favourite To and Froms

Shane Backx is a close watcher and good judge of all things sport. Here he lists his favourite English players and includes a surprise (for good reason).