Almanac Rugby League

The Rugby League Almanac 2012


The NRL Footy Almanac (book) was published for the first time in 2012.

A Manly boy in the City of Churches

Residing in a ‘non-league’ state means you have to go the extra mile to get your fix of the Greatest Game of All. It’s not in the papers, it’s not on the news and it’s certainly not talked about in the pub or around the watercooler on a Monday morning. Living in Adelaide for the [Read more]

A long way from home

The finals are just two weeks away.  Brookie Oval is packed out for a Friday night cracker, first versus second on the ladder, one team undefeated after 12 games, the other undefeated at home for the season. The teams with the best for-and-against in the comp, sharing a rivalry built up over recent seasons (one [Read more]


It’s a wet, miserable day in south-east Queensland even though the temperature is that of a good spring day south of the Murray. I’ve slept poorly, up at 4.45am to pick up the paper from the driveway so it doesn’t get soggy. I can’t get back to sleep, so by 5.22 I’m in the lounge [Read more]

The Roosters and the golden point goose

As the clock ticked towards half-time and the scoreboard showed nothing but two big donuts I thought to myself: “Thank god I didn’t sit up and watch this last night.” Given regular Friday Night Football scheduling in the southern states sees matches telecast between the hours of midnight Friday and 4am Saturday morning, I’d taken [Read more]

Fish and chips and Friday footy

Don’t you all miss the days of Friday night Fish and Chips wrapped in old newspaper? Now it is all foam containers that lack anything of mental substance. If they were wrapped in old newspaper, I would be reading a sports section that told of the woes of two seasons. Parramatta and Eastern Suburbs. The [Read more]

The Challenge Cup: a game I cannot see

The Challenge Cup 2011 (the game I cannot see) This Saturday the Challenge Cup will be played at Wembley Stadium London. The Challenge Cup is a competition based on soccer’s FA Cup, a knockout competition culminating in the last two teams playing the Final at London’s famous Wembely Stadium. Each year 90,000 fans make their [Read more]

We all have beginnings

A rugby league version of The Footy Almanac? “About bloody time” is all I can say – for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the literature of rugby league is modest, to say the least – a reality and a paucity that needs addressing; secondly, “the greatest game of all” deserves that its story be told, [Read more]

Sloppy Knights give Broncos an easy Monday night

When I hear the words Brisbane and rugby league together my mind first turns to the great BRL competition of the 1970s. That was another time. A decade later, many Queenslanders fell instantly in love with the Brisbane Broncos, marketed brilliantly as an incarnation of all things Queensland. But many didn’t. The dissenters could see [Read more]

An afternoon of hope

This assignment started out full of hope – what better thing to do than write about a Canterbury victory over Manly, especially at Brookvale.  Being almost out of finals contention five weeks ago, the Bulldogs had won three of the last four matches and were back in with a chance of finals glory. To add [Read more]

Seeing Cleary

Rugby league in Penrith faces its share of battles, that’s no secret. But on a Saturday night at Centrebet Stadium, it certainly feels like rugby league heartland. I’m visiting my mate Steve, who lives in the mountains and has the severe misfortune of being born a staunch Parramatta fan. He usually holds a torch for [Read more]