Almanac Rugby League

The Rugby League Almanac 2012


The NRL Footy Almanac (book) was published for the first time in 2012.

State of Origin – Game 3: Jubilant Queensland (the whole state)

“They won the mental game . They won the physical game. They won the skills game. They passed the magical 50 points mark.” A brilliant reflection on the history of Queensland sport from JJ Leahy, inspired by the magnificent performance of JT, Cam Smith and…well, all of them really.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin: Happy Birthday Mal and Game 3 chat

Happy Birthday Mal!

Leave your greeting. For Mal. For Queensland. For NSW?

Who wins, and why?

Almanac Rugby League – Aaron Woods: The mummy’s boy with a warrior’s spirit (first published in the The Guardian Australia)

Friend of the Almanac Patrick Skene’s outstanding profile of Wests Tigers, NSW and Kangaroos star prop Aaron Woods in The Guardian. Even if you’re not a fan of League, this is a fantastic sporting read and well worth your time.

Almanac Rugby League: One for the Maroons

The chant of “Queenslander” is a special part of Maroons origin folklore. Born in the Super League wars of the mid-1990s it is an integral part of one of Queensland’s most improbable series victories.

Almanac Rugby League : One for the Blues

Ahead of tonight’s NRL State of Origin clash at the MCG, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Andrew Webster profiles NSW’s historic 1985 series win heroes. This may go someway to explaining why Origin stirs the blood of League lovers around the country.

Rugby league: Never the twain shall meet

The last time State of Origin was in Melbourne this is how John Harms saw it.

What would Mark Twain have thought?

NRL – Penrith v Melbourne: When the Team Doesn’t Deliver, The Bar Staff Will

Things aren’t going well for Wayne Ball’s Panthers

State of Origin 2015 – Blasphemy, But Origin Ain’t What It Used To Be

As State of Origin begins for another year, Blues supporter Wayne is disappointed that the mystery of Origin is no longer there.

State of Origin 2015 Game 1 – What it’s all about

What the might Maroons are fighting for – the Queensland way.

I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues – Why Origin 2015 is All Over Before it’s Even Started

There is nothing quite like someone who goes the “early crow”. And Archie shows us just how to go the early crow as he explains that the Blues have no chance in 2015 Origin.