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The Rugby League Almanac 2012


The NRL Footy Almanac (book) was published for the first time in 2012.

I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues – Why Origin 2015 is All Over Before it’s Even Started

There is nothing quite like someone who goes the “early crow”. And Archie shows us just how to go the early crow as he explains that the Blues have no chance in 2015 Origin.

Rugby League: Olsen Filipaina

Patrick Skene’s story of Olsen Filipaina. [We are working with Patrick to put together a collection of his stories, forthcoming – Ed]

NRL Round 8 – Penrith v Cronulla: Sun Finally Shines for Panthers.

In insight into the ups and downs of life supporting the Penrith Panthers from Wayne Ball. on a wet ANZAC Day at Penrith Stadium, the Panthers show some of the spirit and resilience that coach Ivan Cleary and fans have been looking for.

Forza Inala!

In this classic memoir, Patrick O’Brien gives us a glimpse of the current premier’s home territory. Annastacia Palasczcuk is from Inala. Pat explains what that means by recalling the time his middle-class rugby league team took on the street-hard boys from down that way.

Almanac League: It’s Hot at Pepper Stadium

The NRL season kicked off [no pun intended. – Ed] this weekend, with Souths beginning their 2015 where they left off last season by belting the Broncos, the Tigers and the Titans had ‘the close one’ and Ricky Stuart’s Raiders took the points at the Shire. Back from Auckland, Wayne Ball headed to the ‘Riff to see if the Panthers could get out of the blocks with some points against the tough-as-nails Bulldogs.

Glory Glory to South Sydney

Arabella Douglas explains the significance of South Sydney to her family, and the place of rugby league in her Aboriginal community. [This is a powerful piece which conveys the depth of connection between people and rugby league – Ed]

Redfern All Blacks – Keeping the ball in motion

Patrick Skene watched the Redfern All Blacks do battle with Bondi United, institutional racism and their personal demons. (The most engaging, enjoyable, wide ranging, eye opening, heart warming, provocative piece you will read anywhere this week – Ed.)

Rugby League: Tom Brock Lecture (to be delivered by John Harms) in Sydney

John Harms will deliver the Tom Brock Lecture in Sydney on Oct 8. All welcome.

They just love their footy

An inspiring tale from Patrick Skene about a rugby league contest of heart, body and spirit between physically disabled teams from across cultures and life experiences. A story full of inspiration and optimism.

Tigers fans have ’89

Guy Ragen reflects on the (now defunct) Balmain Tigers agonising loss in the 1989 NRL Grand Final. Why does that game matter so much, and what did it tell us about our changing times? [Terrific example of trying to understand sport in its broader social context – Ed]

Sunday Evening Coming Down: It’s a funny old game

“Aussie” Tony Robb offers a non-discriminatory all-inclusive spray at Mick, the Magpies, dodgy NRL results, the Pepsodent pissoir and selective nationalism. Good to have him back.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode Ten

Episode 10 of the Footy Almanac Podcast – the ‘Jeggins and Bubbling’ episode is here! Rick Kane and Sean Gorman are this week’s very special guests on the Almanac couch as your hosts Matty Q and The People’s Elbow host proceedings. Sean talks about his days as a shearer before finding his way into academia [Read more]

State of Origin: Dumb v Dumb & Dumber

Peter Baulderstone watched the rugby league State of Origin 2. He saw the future of AFL, and the past of NRL. He would like his 2 hours back.

Is Carlton v Collingwood still Australia’s greatest sporting rivalry or is it now the rugby league State of Origin?

Miles Wilkes uses attendances, TV ratings and history to answer whether Collingwood v Carlton has been overtaken by the NRL State of Origin as Australia’s number one sporting rivalry. The result may surprise.

State of Origin: Brilliant

“For minutes Loz Daley and crew had been pacing the coaches’ box drawn into the contest with a deeply satisfying un-professionalism. This was raw emotion. And tension will change us all.” writes JTH on another classic Origin.

State of Origin: What are we playing for?

John Harms says that the Maroons are playing for the Queensland way of life.

AFL and NRL – weekend results and ladders

All the wrap-up from this weekend’s AFL and NRL. Gold Coast are third. Take a photo of it.

The Magnificent Murri Nine

Patrick Skene is part of a truly memorable day, when an undermanned Brisbane Natives side took on the Diehards from Fortitude Valley. Those there, he says, will remember it forever. [Sport can do this. Super stuff. Ed]

From Big Bal to George Benson: a love letter to PNG Rugby League

Patrick Skene enjoys a genuinely meaningful sports experience when he heads to Redcliffe for the PNG Hunters’ first match in the QRL competition. [Great story – Ed]

The Rugby League Almanac 2013 on-line: Round 4

The Almanac Rugby League writers capture all the action in Round 4, 2013.