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G’day Tipsters


Time to sort out your tipping season.



(1) The Footy Almanac Tipping Competition 2017 – highly prestigious – cash prizes – JOIN HERE

Competition name is Footy Almanac 2017.

$10. Kids under 15 (at March 23, 2017) are free if a parent is a paid-up tipper. We don’t want to break the family bank.

Last year’s winner was Harry Down, aged 7 at the time I reckon.




(2) The Time-honoured Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Competition

– pick the Top 8 in order as you think they will finish at the end of the home and away season



– $10 a go (EFT  with your name and ‘Top 8’)

To Malarkey Publications

BSB 633000

A/C 154103428



(3) I Tipped This

I Tipped This is a fresh approach to tipping where things can change pretty quickly. I reckon it’s brilliant.

You tip the nine AFL games each round.

You have a choice:

  1. Tip the winner. You get one point if correct. No points if you’re not.
  2. Tip the winner at the line. Each week the underdog is given a headstart. Taking that headstart into consideration, you need to tip the winner. If you are correct, you get TWO points. If you are not, one point is deducted. Nine winners is 18 points. None losers is -9 points.

So you can tip conservatively and add a point at a time for a tipped winner

Or you can take a risk and tip at the line.

Competition Code : FA Footy Tipping

The password is : almanac2017

Description : Footy Almanac Footy Tipping

You can share this with your friends family, colleagues by forwarding the below url to those you want to invite.

or by sending this post far and wide. We’d love to get 300+ tipsters.





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  1. tony london says:

    I think I just rejoined tipping but at no point was I asked for $ Have I been rejoined?

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