AFLW Round 5 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Positive News All Round

Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs
2:35 pm, Sunday, 4 March 2018
Ted Summerton Reserve, Moe

By Yoshi Imagawa


How many times have I got excited during the week? Wednesday with St Kilda’s pre-season match, Friday with my own training, Saturday with the club training and Sunday with the Bulldogs AFLW game. On the way to a train station on Saturday, I couldn’t wait to handle the footy, so I picked up the ball from my St Kilda Boston bag and did some handballing.


My Lenny Hayes’ spirit of hard work and effort I hope will improve my playing skills and these attitudes brought me positive outcomes at the team training. Tonight we invited junior high school rugby players and played an intra club match at the end at the end of the session. I grabbed the footy and found open space. My first goal was scored and we were pleased. I was so excited.


Being called Yoshi ‘Milney’ on the footy field was so great.


At the end of the game, I was in the midfield and picked up a fumbled ball and handballed immediately to a teammate. This action created another goal scored by an experienced Australian player.


I got positive signs to improve and develop my skills, this feedback motivates me a lot. I really love playing footy.


My goal of being a small forward like Stephen Milne makes me observe how goals are scored in recent professional footy games (in both genders).


My notebook with match details is the proof.


Goal number one – Conti kicked towards Toogood in the middle – right goal square. Toogood pushed the ball close by posts. It is not a hard one to do, but quick actions are required.


Goal number two – Hutchins scored after being awarded a 50-metre penalty. I remember she kicked inside 50 from good angle in the left hand side…


Goal number three – Utri contested two on one. She grabbed the footy and kicked, arching like an oval.


Lochland was tackled and a free kick was awarded to the Doggies, but no score was brought. Then Mackie missed due to a tough angle. As a player, I know angles affect goal kicking because of body positions, but we as players, have to overcome this.


Can I excuse tiredness and my club’s off-field involvements for not being able to get better details on the match? Sorry, I will pick a nice on field performances for my main story.


In the second quarter, Kearney kicked a ball inside 50 towards Conti. She attempted to take a mark but the ball was dropped. Lochland picked the ball and kicked with left leg highly.


Unfortunately the pair’s good marks only produced a behind and then seconds later, the number one’s goal.


After the main break, Lochland took a chest mark and set an easy shot. It was her second goal for the day. Fox Footy commentators reminded audience that she was a small forward. I can learn skills from the number one Bulldog girl too!


6:51 reminding in the third quarter, Toogood picked the ball and turned herself towards right to find position. She handballed towards Blackburn who shot a goal easily straight forward.


It was a reminder of my handballing in the midfield the previous day.


In the last quarter, Lochland took a great mark and kicked towards Callinan who was in the left goal pocket. She was only five metres behind and scored a goal easily.


Finding a teammate close to goal square is important and I guess Lochland called to Callinan.


Collingwood tried to keep pace in the last quarter, but the Dogs kept leading. Red, white and blue played hard and won by eight points.


Western Bulldogs are on the top of the ladder now. Hard work brings them positive news.


I had planned to train on my own on Monday, but rain forced me to cancel. Hopefully I can do it on Friday morning. I will do the very best and play and train hard.


If I keep positive, my on field performances will follow.


COLLINGWOOD 1.0 3.0 4.2 6.5 (41)
WESTERN BULLDOGS 3.4 4.6 6.7 7.7 (49)

Collingwood: Edwards 2, Hutchins, Barden, Molloy, Bernardi
Western Bulldogs: Lochland 2, Toogood, Utri, O’Connor, Blackburn, Callinan

Collingwood: Garner, D’Arcy, Edwards, King, McIntosh
Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Conti, Kearney, Lamb, Ferres

3. Blackburn (WBU), 2. Kearney (WBU), 1. Conti (WBU)

Umpires: Young, Curtis, Heffernan

Crowd: 2700


About Yoshihiro Imagawa

A Japanese Saints diehard with huge passions. The Western Bulldogs won the flag in 2016 and Richmond followed in 2017, so why not St Kilda in 2018? Like my St Kilda, I strive and work hard to achieve my life goals both in profession and my private life. Sadly I missed watching footy while my favourite Nick Riewoldt was playing and when St Kilda had Anzac Day clashes in Wellington. But I am excited to be back in Melbourne in July 2018 for two St Kilda matches. Now I am a player for the Osaka Dingoes Footy Club, as well as a public relations officer. My stories of footy in Asia including the Dingoes news can be found on World Footy News.


  1. Yvette Wroby says:

    Good fun Yoshi. Great about your own goal and assist.

  2. Thanks Yvette. It was so great. Like writing, it’s good to see professional player’s performances so that I will improve my playing.

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says:

    Good on you Yoshi/Milney.
    “Grabbed the footy and found open space.”
    Ain’t that what life is all about?
    Great stuff mate.

  4. Cheers Phil. Yeah it’s all about in life. In other areas of life, grab an opportunity and do. Getting money is required to live, but I want a new career opportunity for good. All the best.

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