AFL Round 13 – Hawthorn v West Coast: From Cairns to Docklands

Friday night at Spencer Street Station with my uncle, grandma and dad trying to push our way through the crowd is not fun in the freezing cold. Being from Cairns (a hot and humid hell) 9 degrees feels like -9 degrees. The crowd looks like an ocean of brown, gold and blue. My uncle buys level 3 general admission but we sit in level 3 premium so my grandma did not have to walk up steps.

The Eagles run through their banner then the Hawks come through their banner which has “Isaac Smith 50 games” crossed out and replace by an Ergon Energy slogan.

The game starts with Roughead kicking the first two goals then Kennedy kicks one as well as Darling. The Hawks kick a few more and level out the scores. As expected the Eagles have dominated the ruck.

First Quarter:

Hawthorn: 6.0

West Coast: 6.2

LeCras drops a chest mark 40m out but is still paid and he slots it through and puts the eagles in front. Two injuries two both teams in two minutes with Bruest soccers one home but the tackler fell on his ankle and Hurn being subbed off with a lower leg issue. Gunston takes one 45m out off a sloppy kick from Cox and goals. Half way through the quarter Buddy marks and slots through his second. Roughead gets the free and kicks his fourth.

West Coast can feel the game slipping away from them. Hawthorn’s twelve goals from 24 inside fifties is the difference between the sides.

Second Quarter:

Hawthorn: 12.2

West Coast 7.2

The Eagles get the clearance and Masten goals from 40m.  McGinnity wraps up Breust and gains possession for the Eagles. Savage goals from outside fifty after some one-two from Bailey and Mitchell. Kennedy goals and brings the lead back to 19. LeCras goals, lead back to 14. Gaff, Roughead, Bruest, Selwood and Lewis goal to bring the quarter to a close. Birchall was subbed out of the game late in the term for Ellis.

Third Quarter:

Hawthorn: 16.4

West Coast: 12.7

Kennedy receives the measured kick from Darling on a ridiculous angle he goes back and slots the goal. Gunston snaps and puts the Hawks ahead by four goals.  Simpkin collects 35m from goal and under real pressure and a fair old shove, he puts the game, like Hurn and Puoplo’s legs, on ice.

Shuey ducks and slides around Hawthorn defenders and goals. The Hawks have done well sharing the ball around their forward and have barely gone to Franklin all night. Dalziell gets a free in the pocket and goals. Priddis wraps up Simpkin and is awarded the free kick, he goals bringing the lead to fourteen but there is only a minute and a half left. Gunston marks 35m out and slots one through just before the siren. The Hawks win by twenty.

 HAWTHORN       6.0     12.2    16.4    19.9 (123)

WEST COAST    6.2      7.6      12.7    16.7 (103)

Hawthorn: Roughead 5, Gunston 5, Breust 3, Franklin 2, Savage 2, Lewis, Simpkin
West Coast: Kennedy 5, LeCras 2, Shuey 2, Selwood, Naitanui, Masten, Darling, Cox, Dalziell, Priddis

My Votes: Roughead(3) Kennedy (2) Gunston (1)


I am 13 years old and live in league infested Cairns. I love the Hawks.


  1. Nice work , Michael , even though i suspect you might have got a bit of help with your story. (I don’t think many 13 year olds use the expression “fair old shove” ,as apt as it it might be.) I started barracking for the Hawks when they were always way down the ladder. They won their first of ten flags when i was your age , and waited another 10 years for the second one. You could be doing the opposite – seeing a couple of premierships early in your life and watching other teams getting the chocolates for a while later. Good luck with your writing and life in FNQ. Maybe you could write about your local Aussie Rules competition.

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