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Pic: Peter Argent The full gallery is in the post below.

Check out our AFL Women’s Round 3 match reports:

GWS 7.1.43 drew with Fremantle 6.7.43
Brisbane 4.3.27 defeated Collingwood 3.5.23
Western Bulldogs 4.5.29 defeated by Melbourne 6.7.43
Adelaide 2.5.17 defeated Carlton 2.2.14

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India v Australia – Pune Test, Day 2: Fugazi

It is Smokie’s new all-purpose go-to word. But, for Australia, it has not been the “fugazi” that most thought it might be.

India v Australia – Pune Test, Day 2: Handbrake turns in Pune

Paddy Grindlay is eating humble pie as he reports on Day 2 of a captivating Test Match from Pune which sees the Australians in a mighty strong position.

Almanac Cricket – India v Australia Day 1: It just didn’t feel like cricket!

Jan Courtin felt a bit let down by day 1 of the test match between Australia and hosts India.

Photo Gallery: AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide v Carlton

A stunning visual collection from Peter Argent of Adelaide’s win over Carlton at Thebarton Oval.
We are all still trying to put names to faces, so please help us out with any missing captions.

Almanac Soccer – A-League 1,000: The Boateng Edition

Just what does Western Sydney have to do to get a points deduction and do we have a trans-Tasman brotherhood on the cards?

Almanac Footy History: Bendigo Footy League greats inducted into AFL Halls of Fame

Richard Jones, who has a great feel for the game wherever it has been played, looks at those champion footballers who have made their respective Halls of Fame having started life in the Bendigo Footy League.

India v Australia – Pune Test, Day 1: Skid marks

India on top. Australia skids on Day 1. And poor Matt Renshaw now knows that the sub-continental trots belong in a special sub-branch of living torment.

Almanac Cinema – Movie Review: Silence

Frank Martinicchio thought his love for Scorsese was eternal … until he sat through all 161 minutes of his new film “Silence”.

Alamanac Racing: Who wins the Diamond?

Tom Riordan previews Blue Diamond Stakes day at Caulfield. If you can make a strong case for a runner in the Diamond, he will listen.

Almanac Golf: Golf Capital – Rumford wins Super 6, DJ goes to number one

Catch up with the latest golfing world news from Hamish Neal.

AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide v Carlton: Favourite flags

The Crows guts out a win in a thrilling contest, giving a little girl something to wave about.

Women kicking balls

Anne Myers doesn’t ‘do’ football, but she’s found herself enraptured by the women who are occupying this historically male space.

Almanac (Cricket) Satire – Indian fans may be a little overconfident

The Australian Cricket team are in for a world of hurt if the Indian crickets fans online are correct.

India v Australia – Pune Test: Call for writers

The 1st Test, India v Australia, begins in Pune on Thursday. What can we expect to see? Can you volunteer a day’s story?

Book launch: Reading Australian Rules Football

Tim Hogan has a new book about our great game called Reading Australian Rules Football launching in early March.

Almanac Obituary: A Salute to Valerie Mildred Bracher

A touching tribute to Valerie Mildred Bracher, an Australian Defence Force Corporal, loving daughter, sister and aunty who lived a full life.

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Join in all three of our tipping comps.
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All explained in this post

Almanac League: Five Metre Gap – WCC, WCS and NRL Trials

Hamish Neal’s rugby league wrap returns for 2017 with a comprehensive rundown of the pre-season.

Almanac Cricket: Julien Wiener takes on Japan coaching role

Peter Sweeney chats to former opening Australia batsman Julien Wiener about the 2017 ICC World Cricket League qualifiers, Japan and facing Jeff Thomson.

AFLW Round 3 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Blind Date

Jamie Simmons captures all the highs and lows of his first date with The South Pine Sports Complex including sweltering mascots, a would-be auctioneer as ground announcer and noisy children.