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Footscray - EJ Whitten Stand by Michael Hugo

Western Oval – EJ Whitten Stand by Michael Hugo


The season launch will be held on March 17, 6-7.30pm. And kick on, for those who’d like to stay. Details to come. It will include the launch of John Harms’s book Play On. And Paddy’s Day festivities. As well as getting your Tip the Top 8 selections and signing on for the Almanac Footy Tipping Competition. Put it in your diary and get along, even just for a post-work beer. RSVP will be helpful so we can organise the party pies.


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Life and what’s really important

Malcolm Ashwood (Rulebook) provides perspective in our sporting priorities.

Almanac Six Nations Rugby: Calcutta Cup

Neil Drysdale is disappointed. It wasn’t that the Scots lost to the Old Foe at Murrayfield, it was the lack of spirit.

Kosciusko – what’s in a name?

The Australian Open has set Glen Natalier’s lively mind on a track of tennis players, mountains, Polish explorers, and rarely-used words. And that’s only if he can keep Serena Williams out of his mind. [amusing – Ed]

The Essence of Sport

Tony Robb is fired up by the changing sports landscape and what sport has come to mean – or be. I suspect this discussion was inspired by Waleed’s comments on Offsiders this morning. What do you think?

Merging with footy by Les Everett

Les Everett stumbled upon a footy show at the Perth’s ‘Fringe World Festival’ of all places. He is now a premiership player.

Not to be forgotten: the 22 best Crows re-treads

No apology necessary, Lord Bogan. Anything Victorians can do, South Australians can do in reverse order. Including the best Crows team that started elsewhere.

‘Super’ Sanders and his lessons for reaching the young and restless.

Super Bowl 50 means it is Grand Final week for marketers in the USA. The Airport Economist looks at what they can learn from a 74 year old socialist.

Stereo Stories – Remembering Black Saturday

Three Stereo Stories about the Black Saturday bushfires on 7 February 2009, which killed 174 people: Passover by Joy Division, No Longer There by The Cat Empire, Down Down by Status Quo.

Who’s versing? North Melbourne

Alex Darling continues a poetic look at the AFL sides with some Roos observations

Whatever Exclamation Glen can do for Geelong, Lord Bogan can do for Collingwood

Exclamation Glen! That mysterious man with no surname and a proclivity for unnecessary emphasis has inspired me this week. Glen! got me thinking about the best 22 to represent the Pies who started their careers at other VFL/AFL clubs. Indeed, there is a VFL/AFL bias in this team and my apologies go out to Ashwood, Baulderstone, Brown, Randall and Schwerdt in advance.

Speakola: Fabulous at the Lodge

A ripping speech from Alex Marcou detailing Carlton’s trips to the Lodge in the early ’80s.

The Big Day Not Out

Ever wonder what a beige rainbow is? Wonder no more as we get a glimpse inside the wonderful world of the Yarra Pub Cricket Association

A-League 1,000: The Recruit Edition

With new signings jetting into the countries by the day, Hamish Neal previews Round 18 of the A-League

Super Rugby trial: Force blow Canes over in Gosford

Force defeat Hurricanes in trial, Hamish Neal suggests Canes shouldn’t worry

Almanac Art: Footy Grandstands

More great artwork by Mike Hugo including Vic Park and EJ Whitten Stands

When Scotland defeated England in two sports – on the same day

Neil Drysdale recalls a unique afternoon in 1946 when Scotland defeated England in Rugby and Football

Banner Matters

Alex Darling gives us a look at the behind-the-scenes world of the Carlton Cheer Squad as it prepares the banner for Mick Malthouse’s record breaker.

The Man From Maribyrnong River

Andrew Leonedas has a crack at the mob from Maribyrnong

Almanac Racing – Manfred Man

The quality’s improving, the options are wonderful and, for Crio, the weekend

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 – A Quick Follow-up

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life 2016 continues with Eddie Watch and injury updates