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Aunty Sis leads a verse or two of 'On Top of Old Smokey' (Pic: Pamela Sherpa)

Aunty Sis leads a verse or two of ‘On Top of Old Smokey’ (Pic: Pamela Sherpa. Read Pam’s story about the Leitchville-Gunbower FNC reunion below)

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Round 7 

Essendon 12.10.82 lost to North Melbourne 13.15.93
Adelaide 18.11.119 defeated St Kilda 10.13.73
Hawthorn 24.11.155 defeated Melbourne 7.8.50
Carlton 9.3.57 lost to GWS 19.21.135
Sydney 18.12.120 defeated Geelong 11.11.77
West Coast 21.9.135 defeated Gold Coast 6.7.43
Western Bulldogs 14.4.88 lost to Fremantle 15.11.101
Richmond 16.9.105 defeated Collingwood 15.10.100
Brisbane 15.12.102 defeated Port Adelaide 8.17.65


Bridget Footballerina: Confessions of a Pie-girl

The Almanac’s first skateboarding piece thanks to Year 7 student Jack Regan

John Donegan: The tragic tale of Alf Dear

Pam Sherpa on the Leitchville-Gunbower premiership reunion


We’ve been looking to find the best footballers to have come out of the wool industry. Here are the nominations (so far) from each state: Victoria, Riverina, South Australia, Western Australia (add your nominations in the comments section of the lists)

Also, have a look at our Old Woollen Footy Jumpers series.

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The Pre Wrap – Round VIII

Mr Wrap shares his Mortgage Busting; Investment Opportunity; Western Wonder and Wrap Roughy tips for Round VIII. Caveat emptor punters.

Adelaide vs GWS: Who is closer to a flag?

Fooz Pietersen thinks the Crows have improved, but is it enough to catch the runaway train of young talent at Greater Western Sydney?

North Melbourne free zone

Matt Watson finds the inner (footy mad) child within all of us? What women couldn’t approve of home decorating by team colours?

Round 8 Preview – Juddy Kicks a few goals – but misses a point

Sal Ciardulli hits the bully pulpit with some strong and convincing words on AFL integrity. And his regular preview of the weekend’s games. Go Friars!

Junior Almanac – Footy: Hey, I should be doing something

One day Sam Colquhoun said, “Hey I should be doing something.” So he took up footy and joined the Mt Eliza Mounties. And now he’s having a ball.

Pick One update – Status Quo

There are still 20 tipsters in the Fitzroy Rotary Tip One comp. Click through for details

There’s a Place in the World for an Angry Young Man….

Tom Greenaway used to be an angry young man at the footy – fist in the air, head in the sand, you know the type. So why has his player abuse dimmed over the years?

England cricket, May 2015: the tying of oneself in knots

E Regnans tries to make sense of the recent goings on in English cricket. As he’s tapping, away the Poms fall to 4/30 at Lord’s against New Zealand. To what topics have the conversations turned in the hallowed halls of the egg and bacon brigade. What of this man Pietersen?

Analysis: why has the Power’s run and carry stopped and dropped?

Dave Brown (somewhat gleefully) analyses the reasons behind the rise and fall of the Port Adelaide empire.

Junior Almanac – Skateboarding: Lessons learnt at the Naz

Jack Regan heads to the Naz, gets a few tips from an old hand, and nails a new move or two. [Great use of the lingo Jack – Ed]

An Initiative that Has Everyone Happy with the Umpires

In one of the AFL’s great unsung initiatives, the Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience allows a child with Down syndrome to be the assistant for the umpires – or, as Bradley’s daughter Isabel calls them, “the quiet team.”

AFLPA Legends Series: Russell Greene

Recently I caught up with 300 game player (St Kilda and Hawthorn) Russell Greene to talk about footy, family, education, social inclusion, social attitudes and whatever else came up.

Junior Almanac: The Hidden Language of the Soul

Erin Douglas-O’Loughlin, who dances for madness (An impressively mature, expressive piece – as a great man once said, “How can someone so young sing these words?” – Ed).

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 8 preview v Gold Coast

Another week is another shot at redemption. The Gold Coast – despite having a terrible start to the season – have a pretty good record against the Pies and Cam Hooke is well aware of this. Nonetheless, despite some trepidation, he, like any true believer, has faith that his Woodsmen will prevail.

Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: Haiku Bob – So We Tell Ourselves

That Confucius of Concision is at it again, this time from international Krakow.

Junior Almanac – Mountain Biking: The Destruction of the Tadpole Trails

Finn Morcombe, from Woodleigh School, has really been on his bike. Here’s a feature article on his great love, mountain biking

Round 7 – Adelaide v St Kilda: Some Prayers not answered in the City of Churches yet the Sun still shines

Another fantastic chapter from Yvette Wroby’s (unofficial) tour diaries. After a trip to the Gold Coast in April, Yvette finds herself in the City of Churches as the Saints prepare to meet the Crows.

Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: A Write-up Purely Dictated by Crowd Comments

Here’s an idea for an Almanac match report: Sarah Black represents the entire Richmond v Collingwood game with nothing but the yells, quips and laments of the mad beast known as the MCG crowd.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Old Melburrnians: Arise Sir Gator

The Mosquito Fleet of the Fitzroy FC give their all, but they have been waiting for another big man to rise, as King George III explains [while having a crack at another club stalwart – Ed]

Country footy: Leitchville-Gunbower put on a premiership reunion weekend

The Leitchville-Gunbower Football Netball Club reunion went off with a bang. The footy team knocked over Elmore, the lamb was cooked perfectly, the jumpers were auctioned, the piano accordion came out, a sheep was sheared and many stories were told. All in all a great weekend.