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The Game - part of the Tom Wills collection by artist Martin Tighe. Click for more.

The Game – part of the Tom Wills collection by artist Martin Tighe. Click image for more.


May 2 was the anniversary of Tom Wills tragic death in 1880. Tom Wills was a remarkable character who had a profound interest on sport – especially cricket and football – in Australia. We remember Tom Wills.

Watch the story of Tom Wills and see how to become involved in the project to restore of his grave.

Read more about the life of Tom Wills from his biographer Greg de Moore.

AFL Round 6 Stories

North Melbourne 9.7.61  d.  Western Bulldogs 6.9.45
Melbourne 15.6.96 d. by St Kilda 20.15.135
Adelaide 14.13.97 d. Fremantle 8.16.64
GWS 24.14.158 d. Hawthorn 12.11.83
Richmond 8.11.59 d. by Port Adelaide 13.16.94
Geelong 25.18.168 d. Gold Coast 7.6.48
Brisbane 14.10.94 Sydney 15.7.97
Carlton 10.12.72 d. Essendon 8.9.57
West Coast 18.16.124 d. Collingwood 9.8.62

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Round 6 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: The Game That Divides Two Friends

Dogs fan Alex Docherty took the punt (well, the train from Highett) and went with Roo friend Ellen to a rare Friday night game for both teams.

Almanac Lunch: Calling all Tasmanians this Friday May 6

Come to lunch as we celebrate the Tasmanian Nation this Friday May 6. We have places available.

Tom Wills: books, plays, references in works of history, art work

What do we know of Tom Wills? Here are a few books and other works where he is depicted. Please add others.

Tom Wills and the 1868 Tour of England

Settle in. Grab a cuppa. Sean Gorman produced this wonderful chapter for the book “Australia: A Cricket Country,” edited by Christian Ryan. On Tom Wills and the incredible 1868 cricket tour of England. [Magnificent – Ed].

Living the Dream: How I came to Northcote Park Football Club

Sam Botoulas reflects with gratitude on events that brought him and his family to Northcote Park Football Club. Living the dream.

The 2016 Peter Knights Cup – Round Six

Earl O’Neill, with typical insight and humour, summarises Round 6. “…The Tigers (they’re from Tigerland, the fighting fury, some say) have 70,000 members and drew 27,000 last weekend. How’s the latest five year plan working out?”

Round 6 – Brisbane v Sydney: No Time To Relax

Joe Moore has been in Queensland recently, himself. There’s an important distinction between a Round 6 fixture at the Gabba and a holiday in Noosa – but is it really possible to travel to Queensland to work?

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: If

Neil Anderson and the Doggies meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same.
…A list of Bulldog ‘Ifs’ since 1954.

Tom Wills grave restoration: one of the fathers of football needs our help

Australia’s first sporting legend and the father of Australian football lies in a crumbling grave in a Melbourne cemetery. With a largely unknown but extraordinary life story, Tom Wills deserves a final resting place in better condition. With the blessing of the Wills family, The Footy Almanac is now raising funds to renovate the gravesite.

May 2 Anniversary: The Life and Impact of Tom Wills

Greg de Moore wrote a celebrated biography of the remarkable Australian character Tom Wills. Here Greg gives an overview of the life and impact of one of the most intriguing Australians.

An Open Letter to Tom Wills

Marius Cuming has written an open letter to Tom Wills.

Round 6 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Fast-break footy

Our American Saints fan, Glenn Brownstein, sees parallels between St Kilda’s relentless style and a famous basketball scheme. And can’t wait for the sequel.

Round 6 – Carlton v Essendon: Who stinks less

We might be s#@t but we are a better class of s^%t than Essendon

Round 6 – North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: that was then, this is now

While Dogs won around the clearances, Andrew Starkie writes that Wells and Waite were the difference in North’s top of the table clash.

Round 6 – West Coast v Collingwood: Double and Nothing

Peter Baulderstone reckons his Eagles were ordinary (and won by 10 goals). Collingwood is “a shiver looking for a spine to crawl up” (op cit – former #1 ticket holder).

Round 6 – Melbourne v St Kilda: We’re back!

Yoshi enjoys his day off dancing, singing karoake and watching his Saints come marching in at the Coolabah Pub in Osaka. If every weekend could be this good.

Round 6 – Brisbane v Sydney: My Heart is still racing, or is that because I am “old”? Those under 70’s: when it happens, just get used to it!

Jan journeyed to Brisbane where she encountered the old age order but thankfully her youthfulness ensured she survived the Swans’ heart stopping game at the Gabba.

Round 6 – Melbourne v St. Kilda: Saints’ Halo Lassoes Demons For A Lucky 13th Time

Braham Dabscheck writes that life is nothing more or less than a battle between good and evil, goodness has won out again with the Saints prevailing over the Demons.

Fearless Round 6 – The two strugglers of the VFL sit 1 & 2 in the AFL. Now for match of round!

Fearless reviews Round 6 and finds the two strugglers fighting for top of the ladder clash in front of a bumper crowd

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 2-5-2016

All the weekend’s sporting results worth knowing.